Wednesday, July 16, 2014

JB & Malacca Family Trip - 13-16 Jun 2014

Here we're on our way to Malaysia..
Our first stop would be to JB (Johor Bahru) then Malacca.
 My bro and sister-in-law.
 my eldest bro stopped by to buy some bites.
Goreng Pisang!
 my bro checking in at the Pulai Springs Resort!
 This is how the room looks like..
with a small kitchen n dining area..
 we have 2 bedrooms in each hotel room.
Total we booked 2 hotel rooms.
 a small dressing area.
 the swimming pool..
can see my nephew n niece in the pool there.. :)
Here.. we had our dinner at this restaurant for the first two nights.
the food are really nice and affordable!
 You should come to this Qing Palace... when you're at Pulai Springs Resort.
 Family Dinner Photo!! :)
 Me and my nephew.. Yi Hern.
Took this photo the next morning..

Next stop: Johor Premium Outlets
 Jus some random shot of the surroundings..
 my nephew spotted this and wanna take a picture of it! haha..
 And here my nephew and niece (Jing Shuen) posing for a shot.. ;)
My parents!

we had a pretty late lunch or early dinner at this thai restaurant... haha...
my eldest bro and sister-in-law..
2nd bro and me...
 Here at night we had Mah-jong session!
Happening right?!
And the winner was my Dad lor! Lol~! :)
a post for a photo after our breakfast at the hotel..

we will be heading to Malacca.. stopped by at a petrol kiosk for a pump.
On our way to Malacca.. we stopped by the Butterfly Park for a while..

 Quite cute right this one? haha..
 entering the butterfly arena..
 this is a very Big fish!
Arrived at our hotel in Malacca.
Hotel Hallmark Crown
 As u can see from outside its not very nice already.. so inside the hotel room I dun bother to take any pictures. haha..

But of course theres a place to stay, its good enough already!
Afterall.. the interior is acceptable and everything is provided.
Just that for my brother's room.. he complained that his room was quite dirty and still got plaster lying around. He asked for room service, gave them some money and asked them to vacuum and clean up the place.. But guess wad? The place was still dirty after they had cleaned up.. my bro told me they seemed to just like ANYHOW clean up the place!
A place we have the popular chicken rice.. rice ball?
and there.. I had the rice balls.. most of them didn't take the rice balls..
cos they have tried before and prefer normal rice.
I do have tried before... but since im there.. I just try again. haha..
 walking around the Jonker Street!
Me and my Dad!
my mum finds this very amazing..
like how they actually cut the object out with the papers..
Good time!
they walked in such a synchronize manner...
so I took the picture. haha..

Our Breakfast at this Odeon Western Food Restaurant on the last day!

and I had this... :)
It was a short get-away.. but definitely a good time for family bonding! :)

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