Saturday, August 24, 2013

Transformation of a Caterpillar to a Butterfly!

Preferably incline or horizontal.
here's a horizontal and very close-up one. haha..


In this video you would see the Head is gone already. It drops off..

 At this stage it is about to break and come out of the chrysalis already.

 Here a very nice chrysalis has formed and u can see its head (the brown one) has dropped.
Chrysalis is USUALLY green... the brown one in the earlier picture is rare.




Other nice photos & videos.

 Hope you enjoyed the photos, videos and the process... :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

AWG is One Stop Shopping for All of Your Outdoor Gear!

 AWG is One Stop Shopping for All of Your Outdoor Gear

Do you love the outdoors? If so, AWG is your one stop shopping source. AWG wants to provide you with the ability to remain comfortable, despite the harshest of conditions. Whether it's the humid, heat of summer or the bone chilling, snow driven, cold of winter, AWG will protect you from mother nature at her toughest.

Who is AWG? AWG stands for "All Weather Gear". AWG provides you with the top brands in the industry. AWG understands that having the right clothes and equipment can mean the difference between being uncomfortable and cold, and staying warm and protected, so you can get your job done. AWG provides all weather gear to those who need it for work or for those who need it for play.

All Weather Gear has many Grundens jackets to choose from. If your job requires you to work despite unrelenting, wet, conditions, Grundens can help you. Grundens began making rain gear in Sweden, where conditions can be cold and severe. Grundens tests their gear thoroughly in the lab and in the field, so that you know you can depend on it when necessary. Grundens also listens to their customer feedback, knowing that they must continue to improve, in order to maintain their superior product line.

If you are a sailor, you will be interested in the Gill product line. Gill specifically tailors their products for sailing enthusiasts, racing teams, or those that spend lots of times in a marine environment. AWG carries the high end OC2J Racer jacket, as well as offshore clothing such as fleece, vests and others. If you go to the AWG website,, you will see more gill jackets here.

AWG carries many other professional brands as well, such as Charles River Apparel, Guy Cotten, Stormy Seas, and Molehill Mountain. If you are looking for a winter coat for your child, Molehill Mountain specializes in children's outdoor clothes. The famous Rosbras jacket, created by Guy Cotten, has been improved over the years and is a favorite among fishermen.

Remember, AWG (All Weather Gear) is your one stop shopping for foul weather and outdoor gear.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sparkling Wine Jaillance Refreshes Your Summer Barbecues...!

As the September school holidays draw near, families and friends begin to plan for gatherings and outings. In a nation as enthusiastic about food as Singapore, there is no holiday activity as exciting as the hearty, homey cheer of a poolside or beachfront grill.

Enveloped by humidity and charcoal smoke, diners invariably look for something cool and refreshing to beat the heat. The brut Sémillon and the sweet and fruity Muscat, Clairette from leading French sparkling winery Jaillance are delectable options to bring down tropical temperatures. Effervescent, crisp and energising, these wines cleanse the palate between bites, injecting some light-hearted fun amidst the rich and heavy cookout staples.

The Muscat, Clairette, which recently took the silver medal at the 2012 International Wine and Spirit Competition, complements slightly sweeter sauces such as teriyaki and oyster. Excellent dishes for pairing include prawn and mango skewers with lemon and sambal, grilled chicken skewers with a caramel-based gravy, and pork spare ribs grilled with honey and soy sauce. The Muscat, Clairette presents hints of rose and lychee with a citrus aroma, bringing out the complex, dulcet tones of these savoury-sweet dressings.

The Sémillon, on the other hand, is striking with more savoury marinades. A winner of the bronze medal at the 2012 Challenge to the Best French Wines and Spirits for Asia for its clarity, intensity, harmony and aftertaste when paired with Asian cuisine, this wine offers notes of brioche with an aroma of gooseberry, pomelo and hawthorn. Its lively flavours draw out the umami in barbecue favourites such as grilled salmon with tomato and sambal, chicken skewers with lemongrass and yoghurt, as well as beef skewers with ginger and soy sauce.

Ms Marine Lombardo, Marketing Manager for Jaillance, shares, “The effervescence, acidity and flavour profile of sparkling wines make them ideal matches for a range of cuisines. A cold glass of Jaillance is exceptionally pleasing with the caramelised, charred and smoky flavours at a barbecue.”


Over the weekend... I just brought the wines over to my brother's place and shared it with my family..

Toast to him for passing his flight test that day! :)

This was the first wine we tried...
it was really fruity and sweet... but not too sweet. Just nice!
We all love it!
Its suitable for all the young and old! My parents gave a thumbs up for this!
With 7% alcohol content it was just right for us! :)

This one was quite bitter. I can immediately smell the bitterness in it before sipping it.
But after drinking it for a while.. I start to get the hang of it. Its good for those events whereby you have BBQs or when you're having beef dishes.
As I do drink beer pretty often recently... perhaps once or twice a week, this wine was pretty alright for me. Its up to own preference... Even right now i'm drinking it. Because we couldn't finish it that day. :P
The alcohol content for this is much higher at 12.5%.
So it can really make you go zZzzz.... (I mean drunk!)


It was my first time trying out this wine..
The overall experience was good!
It will be my first choice of sparkling wines if I were to choose... for my BBQs n events in future! Especially the MUSCAT, CLAIRETTE - Fruity & Rich! All thanks to Jaillance for providing these great wines for me to try.

The Sémillon and the Muscat, Clairette retail at $29.90 and $26.90 respectively at Bottles & Bottles, Cold Storage, Giant, Jasons and MarketPlace.

About Jaillance
Jaillance originates from the Drôme Valley, nestled between Vercors and Provence, and represents the Cave de Die, a cooperative founded in 1950 under the leadership of Henri Bonnet. Today, the popularity of its sparkling wines is second only to Champagne in France, and more than 120 000 connoisseurs and enthusiasts visit its cellars every year in Die and Bourg-sur-Gironde to savour its collection. It is the leading French brand in Appellation d'Origine Protégée sparkling wines.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sparkling Wines from Jaillance!

Received these lovely sparkling wines from Jaillance.
Have yet to try 'em and review on it.

Stay tuned for my review.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

How to Exercise Your Warrant Options (SGX)

Content extracted from

Step 1:
Find out who your warrant agent is from

Step 2:
Call your warrant agent up. The phone number is listed on the website above.
You will need to get them to send you the exercise notice form. Give them your address, and they will mail it to you accordingly.

Step 3:
Apply for a cashier's order from your bank. The amount on the cashier's order is equal to the value of the warrants to be converted. Cashier's orders can be ordered using internet-banking for free. I went with DBS. However, the cashier's order from internet banking can only be collected at a few branches. Do check out with branches are available before applying.

A $5 surcharge is chargeable if it is applied at the bank itself and not through internet banking.

Step 4:
Fill up the exercise notice form when you receive it, which will include your name, address, securities account number, and the number of warrants to be converted.

Step 5:
Prepare an envelope, and put your completed exercise notice form, together with your cashier's order into the envelope. Although it is mentioned in the CDP website that your latest account statement is needed, in actual fact, it is not. You do not need to send it to the warrant agent. However, this is my information from calling up the warrant agent for Saizen Reit. It would be prudent to confirm with your warrant agent.

Step 6:
Affix a stamp and send your exercise notice!

There you have it.

The day the warrant agent receive your notice is the Lodgement date. The warrant agent can decide whether to list your shares at the Lodgement date or the following working day.

Once it is listed, your CDP account will be debited of the warrants, and credited with the new shares. The company will also announce on SGX website the number of warrants converted (without names of course).

You can also find out how to exercise your warrants from here:

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Manhattan FISH MARKET Re-opens At ‘The Dining Edition’ At Marina Square With A Brand New Look!

After months of absence at Marina Square due to renovations, The Manhattan FISH MARKET had very recently returned to re-open its outlet at ‘The Dining Edition’ space in the mall with a totally brand new look and feel to much delight among diners. Diners will be greeted to a warm and cozy décor as they step into the newly renovated restaurant. As with our other restaurants, diners will always be assured of a friendly, down-to-earth and vibrant atmosphere as they tuck in to our delicious offerings at the newly re-opened restaurant. Such a warm and vibrant feel to the décor has always been the hallmarks of The Manhattan FISH MARKET which is inspired by the former Fulton Fish Market in Manhattan, USA. To celebrate this occasion, The Manhattan FISH MARKET invites everyone to get saucy and dive into a trio of irresistible dipping sauces with purchase of any of its three sharing platters at a special price till August 31st, 2013! 

The Manhattan FISH MARKET at ‘The Dining Edition’, Marina Square
Just as truth be told that a magnificent building rests on a solid foundation block, we at The Manhattan FISH MARKET pride ourselves with the home-made sauces we serve alongside with most of our dishes making them insanely yummylicious! With this, we present onto diners the trio of dipping sauces with exciting flavors to add a kick as accompaniment to your sharing seafood platter – Cajun Honey Mustard, Spicy Seafood Dip and Smoky Chipotle Sauce.

These three platters are served up where there’s nothing like sitting down together with your family and friends over a saucy affair!
1. Crispy Set at SGD$39.95 (save SGD$20.80)
  • One Fried Giant Platter - A crunchy combination of fried delights, sure to please and satisfy all at once. Dig into a scrumptious mix of crispy fish fingers, shrimps, calamari and juicy mushrooms.
  • Two Soup of the Day (Regular)
  • Two Ice Lemon Tea
  • Choice of any one dipping sauce - Most recommended with Cajun Honey Mustard

2. Grilled Set at SGD$39.95 (save SGD$15.80) 
  • One Grilled Gala Platter - Perfect for discerning diners who love a grilled seafood treat. Savor deliciously grilled fish fillet, tiger prawns and calamari grilled to perfection with our signature Garlic Herb mussels.
  • Two Soup of the Day (Regular)
  • Two Ice Lemon Tea
  • Choice of any one dipping sauce - Most recommended with Spicy Seafood Dip

    3. Flaming Set at SGD$39.95 (save SGD$15.80)
    • One Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter – The indisputable No.1 choice of our fans! This platter serves up generous portions of hand battered fish fillets, oysters and calamari. The highlight will be our Manhattan Flaming Prawns, brought to full flavor when our Sea-cret Agents flame them right before your very eyes!
    • Two Soup of the Day (Regular)
    • Two Ice Lemon Tea
    • Choice of any one dipping sauce - Most recommended with Smoky Chipotle Sauce

    Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter
    Diners will have a choice of one of the three home-made dipping sauces with every purchase of the dishes stated above. Each dipping bowl comes with 120ml of dipping sauce. Additional dipping sauce is available at SGD$1.50 each. 

    Also, for a limited period of time only, The Manhattan FISH MARKET will be serving the Sticky Date Pudding at SGD$4.90 – the perfect dessert to accompany your meal! Our sensational Sticky Date Pudding has every mouth watering instantly! Deliciously rich moist date pudding served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, the perfect companion to share with great company.

    (All prices quoted are before tax and service charge and all meals stated are for dine-in only)
    Here are the food we had that day...

    Garlic Herb Mussels (SGD$7.95) – Poached mussels in our signature Garlic Herb sauce, served with baguette to soak up the delicious sauce

    Spicy Baked Fish (SGD$15.95) – Savor a baked dory fillet in extra spicy marination complemented with Garlic Herb rice and vegetables, guaranteed to jumpstart your senses.

    Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter (standalone price at SGD$37.95) – The indisputable No. 1 choice of our fans! This platter serves up generous portions of hand-battered fish fillets, oysters and calamari. The highlight will be our Manhattan Flaming Prawns, brought to full flavour when our Sea-cret Agents flame right before your eyes!
     These were the three dipping sauces given to us.. to try with the food above.
    Cajun Honey Mustard, Spicy Seafood Dip and Smoky Chipotle
    Here are the drinks we had ordered.. and my buddy, William ordered this Citrus Mint (SGD$5.50) – Cool off with the refreshing taste of freshly squeezed lemons and mints.

    And i ordered this Gummy Bear (SGD$5.50) – The exciting flavors of Curacao and tropical fruit mix is guaranteed to liven up your senses
     This is Nice!

    Later after the meal.. i tried this Sweet Alabama (SGD$6.50) – An indulging treat of chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, swirled with peanut butter
    This looks nice.. but its actually quite thick and gelate. :P

    Sizzling Brownie with Ice-cream (SGD$9.90) – Good for sharing, it is the perfect harmony of elements. Enjoy this warm sizzling brownie, topped with smooth vanilla ice-cream in sweet caramel sauce and nuts.
    This was my Favourite! One of the Best Brownie with Ice-cream i've tried! ;)
    A random photo taken inside... its all about Fish! :)

    For more information, join in the conversations on The Manhattan FISH MARKET’s Facebook at

    About The Manhattan FISH MARKET
    Inspired by the finest seafood restaurants found along Fulton Street in Manhattan, The Manhattan FISH MARKET serves you only the freshest, lip-smacking American-style seafood. One bite is enough to keep you swimming back! The Manhattan FISH MARKET has become one of Asia’s leading casual dining restaurant chains by serving unforgettable dining experiences that 'WOW' people; ensuring only the highest quality seafood is served; and by offering innovation and variety in our menu. Our signature Manhattan-style seafood is currently enjoyed by consumers in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.
    In Singapore, The Manhattan FISH MARKET restaurants / outlets are located at the following locations:

    Bedok Point
    Causeway Point
    Century Square
    City Square
    Changi City Point
    Hougang Mall (Opening in 2013)
    Junction 8
    North Point
    Plaza Singapura
    Star Vista
    SUNTEC City (Opening in 2013)
    United Square
    White Sands
    Marina Square

    For more information, please contact Integrated Marketing Solutions Group at 6479 3733:
    Nalini Naidu
    Mobile: +65 9633 3198
    Dean Johari Mobile: +65 9697 4464

    Released by Integrated Marketing Solutions Group Pte Ltd on behalf of The Manhattan FISH MARKET