Wednesday, August 21, 2013

AWG is One Stop Shopping for All of Your Outdoor Gear!

 AWG is One Stop Shopping for All of Your Outdoor Gear

Do you love the outdoors? If so, AWG is your one stop shopping source. AWG wants to provide you with the ability to remain comfortable, despite the harshest of conditions. Whether it's the humid, heat of summer or the bone chilling, snow driven, cold of winter, AWG will protect you from mother nature at her toughest.

Who is AWG? AWG stands for "All Weather Gear". AWG provides you with the top brands in the industry. AWG understands that having the right clothes and equipment can mean the difference between being uncomfortable and cold, and staying warm and protected, so you can get your job done. AWG provides all weather gear to those who need it for work or for those who need it for play.

All Weather Gear has many Grundens jackets to choose from. If your job requires you to work despite unrelenting, wet, conditions, Grundens can help you. Grundens began making rain gear in Sweden, where conditions can be cold and severe. Grundens tests their gear thoroughly in the lab and in the field, so that you know you can depend on it when necessary. Grundens also listens to their customer feedback, knowing that they must continue to improve, in order to maintain their superior product line.

If you are a sailor, you will be interested in the Gill product line. Gill specifically tailors their products for sailing enthusiasts, racing teams, or those that spend lots of times in a marine environment. AWG carries the high end OC2J Racer jacket, as well as offshore clothing such as fleece, vests and others. If you go to the AWG website,, you will see more gill jackets here.

AWG carries many other professional brands as well, such as Charles River Apparel, Guy Cotten, Stormy Seas, and Molehill Mountain. If you are looking for a winter coat for your child, Molehill Mountain specializes in children's outdoor clothes. The famous Rosbras jacket, created by Guy Cotten, has been improved over the years and is a favorite among fishermen.

Remember, AWG (All Weather Gear) is your one stop shopping for foul weather and outdoor gear.

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