Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The “In 2-3, out-2” Rhythmic Breathing Technique.

1. Start inhaling as your right foot hits the ground, and continue sucking air deep into your lungs for two more steps (right, left, right). Make the inhale one calm, continuous breath.

2. Exhale for your next two steps (left, right), breathing out with slightly more force. But don’t do it so fast that you run out of breath. Count off the entire rhythmic pattern like this: “In 2-3, out-2”.

3. Repeat, this time starting your inhalation as your left foot hits the ground. It’s this alternative foot-strike pattern that distributes the impact forces equally between both sides of your body, reducing your risk of injury. As always, use the “In 2-3, out-2” mantra to guide your breathing technique.


Anonymous said...

The most natural breathing rhythm is 3-1-5.
Breath In 3sec, Pause 1sec, Out 5sec.

Thanks for sharing, I never tried to sync breathing with steps. Hmmmm

writinglikeastoner said...

Thanks bro, Will try it out!