Monday, July 29, 2013

How I Ordered my Domino's Pizza at 50% OFF Online! REVEALED!

After you have registered an account at


Key in my BLG95 coupon code
Drop-down list will appear and 
Choose which pizza size you wanna have...
 Then choose your Crust type!
I chose Classic Hand Tossed!
 Choose your Topping!
 After that you would be directed to the page to confirm your order.
Of course.. here I ordered another 2 more items.. they are
- Chocolate Lava Cake &
- Golden Roasted Drummets (6pcs)

After you've confirmed your items, your delivery will start to process...
and they have this interesting GPS Tracker to ensure that your pizza is in the process and delivered to your doorstep within 30 mins! Wonderful!
If it doesn't arrive within 30 mins, you would be given a Free Pizza on your next purchase! :)
Here are some photos of the items I've ordered!
 EXTRAVAGANZZA Toppings with Classic Hand Tossed Crust! :)