Tuesday, June 25, 2013


(Click on image, for another video from Andy Giger)

I believed what you just saw this afternoon around 3pm or from the video was NOT SNOW.. although you saw ice stones dropping from the sky! Affected areas were Bukit Batok, Jurong and other western parts of Singapore.
I've read from somewhere that the Singapore government has prepared cloud-seeding equipment to try to induce a downpour/ rain to help remove record levels of smog.

Smoke from fires on the Sumatra Islands has contributed to thick smog in Singapore and Indonesia.

They also mentioned that rain would provide relief from the fires, which are difficult to fight because peat on the forest floor is burning up to 13 feet below ground, The Jakarta Post reported Friday.

"If there is no rain then the haze could last for weeks, or even months, as we try to generate artificial rain," Indonesian Forestry Ministry General Secretary Hadi said.

Well the cloud-seeding may be good in one way but it may also cause a disaster... :P

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