Saturday, May 25, 2013

CHENGDU, 九寨沟 - DAY 8!

17 APR 2012 - LAST DAY of CHENGDU, 九寨沟 TRIP!

 my dear...

 First Panda!
 Pwettiee... I take one! :P
 Arhh... now u see the REAL Panda!
Enjoy the photos!

 they are really cute...!
 their house....
 this panda kept walking at the side of the wall to and fro... haha..

 Ooo hooo.. she bought a pair of panda earrings.

 how it looks inside...

 I bought a flute (Chinese called Di Zi 笛子) from there as a souvenir.
I know how to play a bit. :)


 its a real person standing there...
u can take photo with him.. but must pay! :P

My Beloved Gf's name on the left and mine on the right.

That marks the end of our CHENGDU, 九寨沟 Trip!
It was a different experience going there.. on our way to 九寨沟 at Sichuan.. Its really CHINA!
a random photo of myself spraying the body mist and jumped!
cos its cold! hahaa...