Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CHENGDU, 九寨沟 - DAY 6!

15 APR 2012

Our breakfast...

First stop was to see jade.
We were briefed about jade in this meeting room.

Like some General meeting.. but we were all listeners. haha..

we were given a small donut-shaped jade as a gift in an ang pao (red-packet)

Here we are at the entrance of Mount Emei 峨嵋山!

on our way up.. my gf's bag.. :)

Walking to somewhere we need to walk up the Mount Emei.

 Pretty high up now.
Mt. Emei is the highest of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China.

Still walking...

my pwetty gf is strong and still walking up! haha...

some older people in our tour group walking up...
i would probably be more tiring for them at this age.

after tt we took a cable car up...
a picture with my tour guide >> Tong Tong!

we should have locked our LOVE here.. it would be there forever!

Golden Summit at 3079 metres above sea level

nice jump shot right? Lol.

my gf took this picture for me... its nice!

Over here if i fell down there.. i think my life would be at risk. :P

monkeys around when we made our way down...
have to keep our food in our bag and carry our bags with both shoulders and also try not to sling it at one side of the shoulder... else the naughty monkeys will snatch!


Going down together...! :)

these are Pi Pa...枇杷 
In english its called Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica)

people there selling at the road side...

it tastes good!

at night.. our dinner back in our nice hotel! :)

i believe that night my gf and i went around outside to walk around the street after the dinner!
It was FUN!!!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

CHENGDU, 九寨沟 - DAY 5!

14 APR 2012


before we left the place where we tasted honey, the natives there sang a song to us...
a guy showed us an invitation card which entitled them to perform at some place over there.
i know its something to be proud of for them...

later we proceeded to this place.. quite nice har.. :)
here is 都江堰 already if i'm not wrong.

this one confirm is 都江堰!!! haha..

Zhu Ge liang 诸葛亮

都江堰 Du Jiang Yan Irrigation System

Dujiangyan (Chinese: 都江堰; pinyin: Dūjiāngyàn) is an irrigation infrastructure built in 256 BC during the Warring States Period of China by the Kingdom of Qin. It is located in the Min River (Chinese: 岷江; pinyin: Mínjiāng) in Sichuan province, China, near the capital Chengdu. It is still in use today to irrigate over 5,300 square kilometers of land in the region.[1] The Dujiangyan along with the Zhengguo Canal in Shaanxi Province and the Lingqu Canal in Guangxi Province are known as “The three great hydraulic engineering projects of the Qin Dynasty”.[2]

the flowing water...

a method they used for the irrigation system

after that we had lunch at this place...

 then visit this place called Ren Wu Hua Jian.. where there are many plants and flowers.

at the carpark we saw a beetle.. as usual.. take a photo :)
seems like every country take one. :P

 there are 5000 over this type of plant there.. and the one i'm pointing is the stem of the plant and they managed to form it this way.. its called the Rhododendron Vase.

at this direction towards the camera is towards Singapore.

 this is my birthdate. and it shows what happened on this date in which year.

my dear walking in front... trying to snap a picture of her walking.. 

going to cross a small river.. haha.. here with her aunty.. :)

you have to turn in order to move it..

act act only...

 these are made out of bamboo...
above featuring the Emperors of China!

i dunno how i should call this..
but in mandarin is called Yin Xing Guan Yin.(Guan Yin is a chinese god)
Also made out of bamboo. But only at certain angles you can see the Guan Yin.

DINNER! At this unique place below the stage.. but the food is nice! :)

Getting ready for dinner!

 Looks good right!?  :)

Our hotel room for the night!

End of Day 5! :)