Thursday, November 1, 2012

KOREA DAY 7 - SEOUL - 30th Dec 2011 - Moving to TOWN!

We moved from Alpensia Ski Resort to the town area of Seoul.
"I missed Alpensia Big Time"

Here.. we arrived at our guest house in Seoul.
"Dish ish our room!" (By right)

actually quite nice leh..

Simple and Cosy..

But after that we changed to this temporary for the night, cos apparently our booking was not recorded. Next morning we would move to another guest house somewhere. It was a very last min thing and we had plans for tomorrow morning,.. oh ya DMZ tour. The tour guide would come n pick us up very early next morning.. and we had to pack our luggage before we go cos the boss of the guest house would come and pick up our luggage and send to the guest house that he had arranged for us. End of the day, we would jus head straight to that guest house with our luggage there already.

i still remember every time i wanna go toilet.. which i had to pass by the outside.. it was VERY COLDDD!!!

after settling our room.. we went to this chicken soup place which my gf recommended for dinner!
She tried this before!

some rice inside.

it looks really good, isn't it?

a korean family was eating behind us also.. :)

after tt we went for shopping and walked ard.

halfway thru i smelled sth very nice.. and it was this.. Cuttlefish!
Couldn't resist and i bought!

a very big Nature Republic building.

and a nice Etude House. :)

Oops.. we're eating again.. wasn't really full from the dinner earlier on, so we had a bit of supper..

 plus coffee! :)

i don't remember i took this picture.. why is she inside? haha..

Now shes outside. :)

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