Saturday, November 10, 2012

KOREA DAY 10 - SEOUL - 2nd Jan 2012 - EVERLAND!!!

 we had breakfast with traditional kaya toast and coffee..
and the place is called "Kopitiam Singapore Kaya Toast Cafe" :)

it was not bad.. quite nice bcos we found sth local to Singapore.. ambience was nice too. :)

spiral staircase to second level..

first level..

here u see.. Kopitiam, Singapore Kaya Toast Cafe.

and this is how it looks as a whole from outside. :)

Our next stop... EVERLAND!!!

so nice... :)

 the entrance

 same picture... wahaha...

all couple photos taken with my camera stand.

traveling on top to another area of the park.

wahaha..this one not using camera stand ok? 

high up.. with our feet dangling..

reach our next stop we took a bus in to the wildlife area.. where there were white tigers, lions, bears etc.

this is a LIGER! a mixed breed of Tiger and Lion.
its very lonely.. cos "he or she" is different from the rest. :(

Ohh... here are the BEARS!

this one standing up-right to get the food from the driver/tour guide.. it stood like a human



" ~!@#$%^&##! "

we were this close to the bear on the bus. :)

duck.. look at their feet. :)


so cute with the pink blushes.. isn't it?

 "Oh.. here's the camera!"

i hope i can touch them..

went shopping at nite.. and saw this all pink display.. my gf loves pink.

we had this for dinner... :)

michelle had Bulgogi Burger! Looks nice.. and i'm hungry now.. Argh`!

 Arh... this one dunno wad.. not snoopy... Oh ya... Panda! haha...
bump into these mascots again after our dinner.

Tmr would be our last day.

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hello..i will be planning to seoul & jeju this year end, your free & easy trip very nice. I was boring follow a tour. Can I have your itinerary, how much for your whole trip for two? Im from Malaysia.
My e-mail is
Hope you can share with me, Thankss..