Tuesday, April 23, 2013

CHENGDU, 九寨沟 - DAY 3!

12 APR 2012

 It was quite a hassle for us to reach here.. because it was raining.
We bought poncho and walked a distance before we finally reached here..  along the way there were MANY people which somehow hinder our advancement.

On our way up !
as you can see some here.. some of the aunties still in ponchos. :)

First sight of a very nice and blue water of 九寨沟!

Jiuzhaigou Valley (simplified Chinese: 九寨沟; traditional Chinese: 九寨溝; pinyin: Jiǔzhàigōu; literally "Valley of Nine Villages" is a nature reserve and national park located in northern Sichuan province of southwestern China. Jiuzhaigou Valley is part of the Min Mountains on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau and stretches over 72,000 hectares (180,000 acres). It is known for its many multi-level waterfalls, colorful lakes, and snow-capped peaks. Its elevation ranges from 2,000 to 4,500 metres (6,600 to 14,800 ft).
Jiuzhaigou Valley was inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1992 and a World Biosphere Reserve in 1997.

snapping a picture here .. together with our wonderful tour guide, Dong Dong

very nice n clear water...

sound of water...


 this was named 'Tiger Lake' - 老虎海

ahh... snowww...!!!

arh.. i touched the water of 九寨沟...
Just too bad i didn't taste it. :P

Tour guide, Dong Dong again! :)

Jump shot in the cold!

 1 2 3 JUMP!

this picture very nice.. taken by me one! wahaha.. :P

 snow on the branches over there..

bark of the trees there.. in such a cold weather

my camera stand  -  in the cold too.

 Can this make into Ice Kachang? haha..

 this is called the 'Colourful Pool' - ..

it is sometimes called 'Five-Color Pool' also

isn't this very nice and peaceful?

look at the clear blue waters..

this way to 'Five-Flower Lake" -

here can you see the five colours?

Here is so called 'Pearl Beach' - 珍珠滩
we passed by here while on our way to the waterfalls where the infamous traditional 西遊記 Journey to the West show opening was shot.

here it is..

the waterfall is so called the "Pearl Shoal Waterfall" -  珍珠滩瀑布

this was where the Journey to the West 西遊記 was shot. i think its the opening part of the show.

Good bye 九寨沟!

after tt we boarded a bus that would bring us down..
saw our face thru' the reflection?

Am i making you hungry?

actually im the one hungry la... its 12:57am now im bloggin' this.

went to watch a very noisy show here.. :P

 after that... Foot massage!
So shiok after a long day of walking..

here's mich... as usual screamings and laughings from her as she always felt the massage ticklish.. haha..

 well.. i had the best shi fu to massage for me... he was the shi fu (so called "master") over there..
i was blessed to have him massaged for me.. it was truly rewarding and the process was undoubtedly professional.

here he is.. the Shi Fu! :)

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