Monday, April 22, 2013

CHENGDU, 九寨沟 - DAY 2!

11 APR 2012

on our way to 九寨沟 ...

was recommended by the tour guide to take this.. which will help to strengthen our body as we go up to higher ground above sea level.

happened to take a shot of the dog stretching... :)

"are you selling these?"


 she bought this bag over there... 
and also bought one (different colour) for my mum :)

this place was somehow contributed by the Wong Fei Hung's association after the Si Chuan Earthquake which took many lives and destroyed most of the places there..

at one side you see this..

 and the other side...

continue travelling and we stopped by here.. for a break.
facing this building above is the picture below.

a white furry cow.. the owner use it to do business.. for tourist to ride on it and take pictures.
its quite poor thing as it was pulled from the nostril.

saw some horses jus strolled on the road like that..

Our hotel.. somewhere very near the main attraction 九寨沟 which we would be visiting the next day!
(For your info, 九寨沟 is pronounced as Jiu Zhai Gou)

our hotel room..

quite a good hotel with most of the things provided.

SAtisFieD! :)


TianChad Chen said...

Your photo of a dog stretching looks good =)

shaun said...

yeah.. thanks! Woah.. u followed my blog. Good! :)