Sunday, April 21, 2013

CHENGDU, 九寨沟 - DAY 1!

10 APR 2012

thats our tour guide, Dong Dong.
heard he's quite popular and was featured on Singapore's 88.3 FM
along the way to our destination, he told us stories and histories of China etc.. and they were very clear and informative. Probably the best tour guide so far.. heard he also came in 1st for a tour guide competition too! We were blessed to have him as our tour guide. :)

on da bus...

our first night hotel room.. in Cheng Du.
we will back in this same hotel on the last day.
Next day will move off our journey to 九寨沟 and stay at hotel somewhere there.

with proper shower cubicle

quite a nice basin yea..

went fora walk outside..

 here's a view of our hotel from outside..

we had Haagen-Dazs here.. Chillax! :)

we watched a show at this cinema.. The Pacific Cineplex.

Hmm... what show to watch...

we watched this.. :)

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