Tuesday, October 9, 2012

7-Eleven! Its a STORE and MORE!

1.  It's CONVENIENT! I can buy my things ANYTIME!
2. It's EVERYWHERE! I can buy my things ANYWHERE or Nearby!
3. It has almost EVERYTHING or necessities that you need. Later in this post you will know.
4. You can Pay Your Bills at the cashier counter.
5. You can get drinks at cheaper price when yuo buy two or three.
6. You can cook your food there!
7. When you are thirsty and HOT in Singapore, there's SLURPEE! :)
8. You can buy vehicle parking coupons.
9. The items are well displayed and organized.
10. Last but not least.. the Staffs are FRIENDLY! :)

Let me SHARE with you what are the things that you can get at a typical 7-Eleven Store.. and MORE!

FIRST.. YOU can get a SLURPEE... which Everyone knows 7-Eleven has this ICY SLURPEE! Especially at SUCH A HOT COUNTRY IN SINGAPORE!
On MONDAYS, you can even get it at ONLY $1!
 Isn't it a Great Deal?

If you DON'T want something icy.. you can just get these
- GULP, BiG GULP & SUPER BiG GULP at just $1.60, $2.10 and $2.40 respectively.
You can even MIX them if you want! MIXOLOGY!

When ya HUNGRY at night and there's no food at home.. u can jus visit the nearest 7-Eleven nearby and grab some food. Here above you can make your own cup noodles and/or heat up the food that you bought in the microwave.

Else.. just get some Quick Bites from here! :)

There are also yummy Haagen-Dazs ice-cream in the fridge.

I always used to have that with my dad in the cinemas when he brought us out for movies when I was very young. Now my turn to bring him out for movies and sometimes i will buy this "Ken Ken" to go along with from 7-Eleven! :)

This looks like some part of the NTUC.. but IT'S NOT!
Its in the 7-Eleven StOre n MoRe!
All the daily basic necessities you can find from there.
Ranging from Panadols, Tooth-paste to detergents and sanitary pads for ladies.

 At 7-Eleven Store n More... they also sell these CUTE Hello Kitty Soft Toys at $9.90 each.

Besides some cute stuffs... they also have SCARRRY Stuffs like this!
They catered all these in conjunction with the Halloween season.. which i think its very good. Those attending the Halloween parties, can just grab their masks from here the very last min if they couldn't find one. So IF CANNOT FIND... BUY IT FROM 7-ELEVEN!

Not only can you pay your purchases at the counter... you can also PAY YOUR BILLS AS WELL!

ONE of the most commonly purchased item is ICE CUBES!
Most of the time when we go for BBQ at chalets or parties.. If there's not enough ice.. we get it from 7-Eleven.. the STORE n MORE is definitely around the area where you are. :)

Talking about parties.. sometimes you can also get some alcoholic drinks from here to go with..
Recently i just went down to buy this from 7-Eleven at night. Suddenly felt like drinking some beer or sth. After taking one of these.. i was tipsy! 8.4% Alcohol. (Maybe partly i was tired too!) :P

My dad loves MAGNUM.. sometimes he would jus go down himself to the 7-Eleven store and grab one!
My Mum loves the Almond flavour. Yesterday i just bought 3 MAGNUMS.. one for each of them and one for myself. :) See the receipt below.

As you can see.. theres a contest below on the receipt.
Go and Participate! :)

During rainy days.. and you were caught in the rain.. and yet rushing to somewhere or go home.. you can grab an umbrella from 7-Eleven at $6.05. Its cheaper than those Giordanos or Bossini umbrellas and yet its its bigger i think!
You know what? If i win this in this contest.. i will buy this umbrella and use it for a week.. Publicise for 7-Eleven! Wahahaha...


One of the things I LIKE about 7-Eleven is ...

they always have this buy 2 Drinks at TWO DOLLARS OR STH.. like the one above.
Most of the time when i'm thirsty and i'm with a friend.. i will go to 7-Eleven and get this kind of drink promotion which is a worth it and i can share it with my friend. :)

Good things come in TWOS and CHEAPER!

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream - 2 for $25.90
Usually one is $14.95 as u can see..

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream - 2 for $26.90

Sunkist Orange Juice - 2 for $2.20

Lemon 1000 Juice Drink - 2 for $3

JAGABEE!! My GF's favourite! 2 for $7!

POKKA Drinks - 2 for $2.80!

Here.. i grabbed a CHILLED one instead!

But of course i grabbed TWO!
Cos' TWO for $2.80! :)

i also got this too.. cos i always keep one in my working bag so that i smells good too! :P
This one is THREE packed in ONE.. for $2.90 Only! :)


Here are some pictures of myself at the STORE n MORE!

Serious shopping? I was eyeing for the PRINGLES.. :)

Here is one of the corner i would visit to when i patronise the 7-Eleven!

Look! I've got so many things from 7-ELEVEN STORE n MORE!

With these i can also participate in a contest by 7-ELEVEN toO!

The 7-Eleven Leading Brands Contest !!!

Here's how you can participate!

1) Spend S$3 at any 7-Eleven store and keep the receipt.

2) Go to 7-Eleven's FACEBOOK PAGE and hit "Like"!

3) Pick your favourite brand out of 80 brands here

4) Contest ends 9th October, so hurry!

 Total $5000 worth of travel vouchers to be won! 5 winners!
I hope be the Very Lucky Winner!

If I WIN... I would like to go to...


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