Tuesday, October 30, 2012

KOREA DAY 6 - SEOUL - 29th Dec 2011 - Alpensia Ski Resort!

walkin' ard the next morning... lookin' back - its so nice~!
Cooling weather and Fresh air~!

here's the illustration of the whole area of this Alpensia Ski Resort.

a pile of snow...

my gf likes to yo yo~!
and i looked somewhat like a terrorist.

Terrorist with a teddy bear?

here.. zipped up in our ski costume.. getting ready.

and we are Ready to Go! with our ski blades.

oOo... its really cold over there...

and my FiRST TiME skiing!

my gf.. looked more like a cleaner now... :P

lying on a pile of snOw!


here i am.. lying on the snow too! Shiok!

Holding and playing with the snOw..

i happened to step onto a very thick layer of snow.. and my foot almost went in.

Wow... our home-made dinner! it looks SO NICE & DELICIOUS!
i really miss it... hope we can go there again! :)

Yummy! I'm getting hungry nOw!

Monday, October 29, 2012

KOREA DAY 5 - SEOUL - 28th Dec 2011 - Alpensia Ski Resort!

Awww.... Our LAST DAY in JEJU! :(
Here's our breakfast.. and the coffee seems really nice~!

a peek to the interior of the car.. that we will be returning soon..
oh ya.. its a left-hand drive if you notice. the pedaling is still the same with the accelerator on the right side. :)

takin' a nice shot of the car with a nice backdrop. :)

On our way to return the car to AVIS which is near the airport.. we visited the MYSTERIOUS ROAD!
Why Mysterious?
Cos.. the car will move up the slope on its own when its in neutral gear.

 takin' a domestic flight back to Seoul.. and we will head to Alpensia Ski Resort by bus from there!
"Oops! Brownie is fallin' off!"

lookin' at this.. it was REALLY Delicious!
my GF and I truly ENJOYED it!
(am i makin' u hungry?)


Here.. we arrived at our Alpensia Ski Resort!
Tell ya... this was REALLY NICE!
I hope my house would be like this... nice and cosy~!
The BEST Apartment i stayed so far!

when you walk in theres a big shoe cabinet.

walk in further theres a toilet on the right side which is interlinked to the bedroom. :)

very nice toiletries.

bedroom with a wardrobe and cosmetic table.

HUGE King Sized Bed!

Nice mini kitchen which is all i need if i have a house.. :P

basin / washing area.

everything was provided as you can see.. :)

clean utensils nicely laid out..

love it.. i spent some time sitting here.. watch tv on the last night.

 there was an electric-powered fireplace there too.. as outside was really cold with snow.. so theres a heater to keep us warm indoor.

here's Brownie and Sandie again! they are preparing to sleep?

"Tomorrow we would be here ski-ing!"
that night after we settled down.. we to walk around outside and also do some groceries...

she's there.. :P

here we are!
"our trolley seemed like alot of things! what did we buy?" haha..

Sunday, October 28, 2012

KOREA DAY 4 - JEJU - 27th Dec 2011 - Sunrise Peak & Manjanggul Lava Tube!

its the 4th day of our stay in Jeju... 
we had our breakfast as usual.. provided by our Sunshine Hotel. :)
tell ya wad... we always woke up late for breakfast :P

as usual.. we drove to our pre-planned destination - The Lava Tube aka The Manjanggul Lava Tube.

here we are... :)

going down.. entering the lava tube.

here's how it is like... Not sure? Google it! :)

Now.. we set foot on the Lava Tube... or a cave? haha..

here.. i'm touching the wall of the lava tube.. which the lava flowed through during that time when the volcano erupted.

Overall.. it looks sth like this..

we walked through it..

quite a distance~

until we reached the Lava Column!

this was how it was formed during the volcano eruption last time..

here we are...

looks like i'm in some japanese show or sth.. somemore standing at the wrong car. ours is the white one! haha..
Well.. we've reached the Sunrise Peak aka Seongsan Ilchulbong.

Seongsan Ilchulbong, also called ‘Sunrise Peak’, is an archetypal tuff cone formed by hydrovolcanic eruptions upon a shallow seabed about 5 thousand years ago. Situated on the eastern seaboard of Jeju Island and said to resemble a gigantic ancient castle, this tuff cone is 182 meters high, has a preserved bowl-like crater and also displays diverse inner structures resulting from the sea cliff. These features are considered to be of geologic worth, providing information on eruptive and depositional processes of hydromagmatic volcanoes worldwide as well as past volcanic activity of Seongsan Ilchulbong itself.


Here we are.. at the foot of the Sunrise Peak.

the map..

and we are entering...
WE were so LUCKY~! Free Admission for ALL Visitors at that time.
Becos.. They are celebrating Jeju for winning the New 7 Wonders of Nature! :)

Going UP!

the view along the way up...

nice scenery..

something interesting about the rocks here.. read on.

waha... reaching the Sunrise PEAK soOn..!

HERE We Are!

At the PEAK of the Sunrise Peak (Seongsan Ilchulbong) :)

Here i am.. lookin' weird with the Pink Ear Muffler?
My GF lor.. guess my ears were cold that time.. she put it on me. :)

THIS is much better! haha...

my lovey dovey GF..

See.. she's getting impatient! u know why?
Only she will know. haha...
I love this pic! She's like whining! haha..

Like that also can take... photo. :)
over there below is a fishing area where woman divers will go down in the cold water to catch fish.

Yeah.. finally our dinner! :)

BiBimBap! :)

Here i end off with our teddy bears we bought from Teddy Bear Museum on Day 3!
Brownie & Sandie! :)