Sunday, September 9, 2012


RECHARGE WITH H-TWO-O! Hydrate and recharge your body with H-TWO-O! Specially formulated to effectively replenish your body with the salt and minerals that are lost when you exercise, H-TWO-O is your perfect companion to conquer your game!

Its one of the BEST Isotonic Drink you can have after a strenuous workout..

Proper hydration is a vital effort that should be made at all times during sports to ensure that sportsmen keep the optimum amount of fluid in their body to enable them to display their maximum performance. H-TWO-O is specially formulated to replenish the loss of fluid and electrolytes to rehydrate and refuel sportsmen when the body is losing fluid. It is high in energy, carbohydrate and sodium essential to rejuvenate and maintain the body’s active requirements during sports.

The above Sparkling Thirst quencher would definitely rejuvenates you and replenish the loss of fluid and electrolytes in your body!

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