Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birthday Dinner with my GF at TCC Bugis with my 50% Discount all items on my Birthday Month! :)

Passion Yuzu Iced Tea
Experience a dancing duo of yuzu and passionfruit for that uplifiting feel!
Tomato Shellfish Broth
Herbacious shellfish and piquant tomato broth paired with a crusty garlic bread heaped with sesame-marinated baby crayfish and salmon roe.

Baby Crayfish Salad
Baby romaine lettuce tossed with homemade wafu dressing, topped with baby crayfish mayo, avocado and crunchy tobiko. This crowd-pleaser is drizzled with a tantalising chilli mayo.

Wafu Beef Spaghetti
Pair tender beef slices marinated in savoury wafu dressing with Japanese soy-dressed spaghetti for a truly tempting profusion of flavours.
Ribeye Steak
Succulent slab of ribeye steak paired with soul-stirring espresso barbecue sauce and a trio of breaded potato cheddar cakes.

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