Monday, September 3, 2012

A SURPRISED Birthday Dinner with my Folks by my Girlfriend!

Chillin' out with my gf at Marina @ Keppel Bay TCC!
And also showed her my Japan photos over there. :)

Cappuccino Italiano

I thought i'm only dining with my gf!
I saw all my friends were at the restaurant table already.
First person i find familiar was Kelvin.. i thought i saw wrongly! NB!
After tt i see again! Its really him. my friend! Then the rest back facing me so i didn't notice!
I was quite shocked leh!
Dunno what to say and lost of words...

But i'm glad they came! :)

Kelvin and his wife, Weiping!

my secondary school friends.. So Serious! My Birthday Leh!!

That's the way man! ONE!



Kelvin.. also my secondary school friend!
Also my gym buddy! SEE his arms u know already! haha..

Here.. with my gf, michelle... luv ya... really thanks for doing this!

Looks FUN~! Wad are we doin? haha..

Side profile.. taken by Jackie's Samsung! He took alot of side profile pics
not too bad afterall. haha..

this is a nice one..

And this.. NICER.. cos all the faces clearer!
All thanks to mich, my gf for taking these for us!
Keep it for memories BROS!


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