Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Visited William's Mother and Had Great Dinner at his place...!

went to visit William's mother who is recovering from an operation 2-3 weeks ago.
supposed to visit her earlier but bcos both of us.. as in William and I were quite busy with our stuff.. so it got delayed. :P

Nevertheless i made an effort to buy the fruits from the best stall in Tiong Bahru ytd evening and brought it to the office and to their place today! It was kinda heavy.. cos on the other hand, michelle my gf asked me to buy some for her too! And she collected from me at my office today! :)

 William asked me to have dinner at his house today, and i did not expect him to be the one cooking.

And there.. he was the Chef today!

 look at him being serious.. quite cool har~!

 lookin' Great!

Greeny Vege.... i love vege...!

so here.. present to you the dishes he made..

this is my favourite!
it has Otah wrapped inside. very appetizing.

 So here it is for our dinner!
Thanks bro~!


TianChad Chen said...

Hope William's mom fully recovered =)
This is called #bromance mioments haha

shaun said...

Haha.. Ya.