Sunday, May 27, 2012

SAME ACCIDENT SPOT!!! But this time not Ferrari but Lexus!!!

Another accident occurred at the exact same spot where the Ferrari Crashed into a taxi.
This road sounds abit eerie now.... =(

The accident happened early in the morning (May 26), a 30-year-old man whose car believed to be a Lexus beat the red light and crashed into a taxi. One of the victims, the male taxi passenger, was sent to the Singapore General Hospital after the accident, which was reported to the police at about 3.15am on 26  May 2012.

He was treated as an outpatient. One of the car drivers was arrested for drink driving. Police are investigating the case. 

Check this Youtube video:

Read these news at Stomp here.

Anyway everyone just be careful when u cross the road or drive on road!

To all pedestrians, please use the overhead bridge or underpass if there is.
These days is not really safe to cross the road with so many reckless drivers!!!

To all drivers, please be careful when you drive too, you may not be at fault but do look out for those cars who want to beat red light!!!

Perhaps the TP (Traffic Police) should station one or two officers there to monitor for this period of time everyday from 12 - 6 am since TWO similar accidents had occurred recently within the 2 weeks, and both are accidents are quite related to drink driving. Be it the road may be haunted or anything, its best to monitor it during this period of time.

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