Monday, May 7, 2012

Post F&N Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3 Post!

Shaun & William

F & N

It has been a hectic six weeks ever since the Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 3 Bloggers' campaign starts from 6 March till 30 April 2012. Of course it was extended for another 2 weeks.. for those who did not manage to do up all the required posts due to tight schedules, which everyone understands as everyone has their own commitments. For me.. i would say its hectic becos i have my work to juggle as well.

Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable experience working with my partner William through out this 6-8 weeks. Having engaged with some of the popular artistes like Silver Ang, Nat Ho and Lawrence Wong on our project. It was truly a rewarding and fun experience. To be honest, William did most of the blogging as i'm too busy with work, but i would vet through his work and touch up on the blogpost before its published. That's what we called "TEAMWORK"! During the Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 3 Finals, he took photos and i took videos, hence putting our best effort in producing a good media coverage. 

In conclusion, we finished it all nice and cool!:)


For this Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 3 Bloggers' campaign, the winning team would win a trip to Japan + Admission tickets to attend the Japan Dance Delight Vol. 19!

Winning Team will be picked based on the following criteria on the blog posts: 
- Quality of Blog posts (Copy & Presentation) - 30%
- Effort & Commitment - 30%
- Adherence to weekly themes - 20%
- Creativity - 20%

The theme for this year is Dreams & Aspirations!

Hope our Team Vibrant Duo will WIN!

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