Sunday, May 27, 2012

I've got a New Camera - CASIO EXILIM EX-ZR20!

This will be my New Toy! 
Just because its SMALL and SLIM, I can bring it around anywhere, EVERYWHERE!

As a freelance blogger.. i attend events & functions which requires me to take many nice photos...
and this High-Speed compact camera would definitely serve me good! 

1.  Its small...easy for me bring around and yet able to capture very nice photos!
2. Its High-Speed technology allows me to capture every moment without waiting for the current photo to be processed.
3. Its Best Shot function allows me to take the photos in a different angle.
(Shall show it to u in the later part)

 1.4-second start up time
0.13-second high speed AF
0.015-second shutter release time lag
 0.26-second shooting interval  (This proves the High-Speed!)

8x Optical Zoom

Take Photo Faster than Ever!
The 0.26-second shooting interval has realized an amazingly high-speed responsiveness. You can press the shutter button for your next shot with no pause after shooting. You never have to miss an unexpected shooting opportunity.

This is one thing that i definitely must show and share with you guys How the EXILIM HS Engine works!
There are TWO processors... CPU 1 and CPU2. When the CPU 1 is processing the photo that you've just taken, the CPU 2 is ready for you to shoot the next photo. After you've shoot the second photo, CPU 1 is as fast as 0.26sec ready for you to shoot the next photo.
It is that FAST!

This is Best Shot (BS) function with various effects for you to choose from...
to name a few.. they Toy Camera, Miniature, Soft Focus and Blurred Background.
Shown above is the HDR Art selected.

Now let me show some of the pictures i've taken with this camera!
 I've taken one of my hand-made car models for a photoshoot!

The Nissan Z350
 Taken with Premium Auto PRO function which the best settings would be selected by the camera itself automatically depending on the surrounding and everything.
This will be quite standard. Its best to use during daylight or when the surrounding is bright. :)

 This is taken with the Best Shot function using POP effect. :)

 Best Shot function with Soft Focus effect.

Best Shot function with Toy Camera effect.
Quite nice too right?

Best Shot function with HDR Art effect!
The HDR Art can be set to different levels for how Art you want it to be...
Above picture was captured in a Low HDR Art effect.

This was taken with a Medium HDR Art effect.

And this... is the HIGH HDR Art Effect.
It looks quite different but somehow it looks nice too! Isn't it?

Photo of an estate!

 Best Shot function with HDR Art effect.
 Best Shot function with Miniature effect!

Dinner at TCC!

Had a dinner w my gf at Bugis TCC and i took these pictures.. :)
Above.. taken by Best Shot function with Toy Camera effect!

And when i looked up.. i find that it would be quite nice to take a picture of it.
The sky supposed to be darker but the picture came out to be much brighter and its nice!
Taken using Best Shot function with Soft Focus effect!

Baby Crayfish Spaghetti

Best Shot function with Food effect!
Yes. I tried the Food Effect... its amazingly nice! :)

Mentaiko Spaghetti with Salmon Tataki
Best Shot function with Food effect!

 After that we went to have some nice ice-cream before a movie at Illuma!
we watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It was nice! :)
Taken with Premium Auto PRO function.

Here i end off with my baby with the CASIO EXILIM EX-ZR20.
There's definitely MORE to explore with this camera! Its getting more EXCITING and I'll continue to use it, take more photos and share it with you guys here~!

It's just the beginning!


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