Wednesday, May 16, 2012

FATAL ACCIDENT!!! Involving a Ferrari 599 GTO, a Taxi and a Motor Bike!!!

Have you guys seen this video footage of the accident between
a Ferrari, taxi and motorcycle in Rochor Road accident whereby 3 people were killed?

This  horrific accident happened last Saturday, a speeding Ferrari slammed into a ComfortDelGro taxi leaving three dead and two injured.

Even if you owned a Ferrari 599 GTO, it does not give you a licence to SPEED in SINGAPORE!!!
Speeding may gives you a moment of thrill!

But come to think about it, IS THIS WORTH IT?

The driver of the limited edition $1.3 million Ferrari 599 GTO, Mr Ma Chi, 31 was killed on the spot while his female passenger, 20 sustained head injuries and is recovering in hospital.

Mr Ma Chi, a Chinese businessman, had just returned to Singapore after a business trip and had taken his supercar out for a spin at 3am on Saturday morning.

From the Video footage showed below 
you can see Mr Ma beating a red light at the junction of Victoria Street and Rochor Road.

He slammed into the taxi which was moving off when the lights turned green in his favour.
The taxi driver, 52-year-old Mr Cheng Teck Hock suffered head injuries and died on Sunday.
He leaves behind his wife and three children.

Mr Cheng was ferrying Ms Shigemi Ito, a Japanese woman who was working in Singapore. The woman in her twenties was found unconscious and later died at the Singapore General Hospital.

As seen from the clip, at least eight lucky people escaped the horrific accident by just seconds.

The crash has sparked a debate on regulating supercars as netizens call for harsher restrictions on the high performance vehicles in congested Singapore while chairman of the Public Transport Council has pointed out that fast cars are not to blame but reckless drivers. Yes and I agreed to his point that you cannot blame on the fast cars for sure. It is the responsibility of each driver to drive safely.


Right now.. all of them have died. My message to all is to let them REST IN PEACE!
The Ferrari driver may be in the wrong, u may blame him.. but have you asked yourself the following?

"Did i speed before?"
"Was I in a rage and sped before?"

or even

Have you seen the FULL picture of this whole story?

Perhaps the BRAKE of the Ferrari is NOT working?
I know its hard to believe that the brake of the Ferrari will spoil after spending so much on the car. haha.
But accidents do happened.

So Don't Blame the Ferrari Driver. Afterall he has died. Let him Rest in Peace.
It may be due to some unforseen things that we do not know.

So the best is Don't comment!

This is also serves as warning to all DRIVERS NOT TO SPEED!!!
Singapore is just a small city and there is really no road or need for you to speed.
May all drivers please think of the safety of yourself, your passenger and even for other road users!

Let this be a lesson to learn!!!


Anonymous said...

if he crashed his ferrari into cross traffic, he surely DID NOT BEAT the red light!

Glennitug said...

if he crashed his ferrari into cross traffic, he surely DID NOT BEAT the red light!

Anonymous said...

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