Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BRAND'S® Bird's Nest for Mothers' Day 2012!

This year's mother's day falls on the 13th May 2012.

I brought my mum to 313 @ Somerset gave her a surprise!

 I showed her a picture of ours appeared on the Wall of Love (see our photo on da screen) and presented her with a box of BRAND'S® Bird's Nest as well as a bouquet of carnations!

She was overjoyed and surprised when i presented her the flowers and BRAND'S® Bird's Nest!
and also like "how come our photo would be up there." haha...

there were many people walking ard at that time... she was a bit shy. :P

 this is the BRAND'S® Bird's Nest Wall of Love at 313@Somerset ... displaying my photo!
Its a contest by BRAND'S® Bird's Nest which requires contestants to submit their lovable photos with their mum to their BRAND'S® Bird's Nest Facebook Page under Mother's Day Contest. Once you've submitted your photo, the organiser would access your photo before posting up onto their contest page for voting, thereafter your photo would also be shown on the BRAND'S® Bird's Nest Wall of Love at 313@Somerset! AND.. this is why my photo is UP THERE! haha.!

Later i took some photos for my mum while waiting for the next round of our photo to appear again so that we can take a few more shots. She loves to take photos! Everybody loves to take beautiful photos of themselves.. so likewise for my mum! She asked me to take a few more photos of her.. haha~! She's just being herself which i think is the best part of her.. candid and natural! :)

 This is a bouquet a of Carnations.
It simply means fascination, distinction and love.
But the colour of the carnations further distinguish what's its true meaning.
A Pink Carnation Flower is considered to be the most significant flower among all the carnation colors. This is because it is believed that the pink carnation first bloomed from the Virgin Mary's tears as she wept for Jesus carrying the cross of his crucifixion. Thus these flowers symbolize a mother's undying love. Over the years it has even come to be associated with a woman's love.

Sometimes... seeing my mum with the wrinkles on her face makes me feel kinda sad.. that she's old.
Here's a chance for you to see how she looks like when she was even younger and I'm posting it here!

 and that's her.

For those whom i strained your eye earlier on to see my photo on the Wall of Love... Here's the actual photo that was submitted to the BRAND'S® Bird's Nest Mother's Day Contest! haha~!

though my fridge is a bit crowded... but there is still space for BRAND'S® Bird's Nest!
Now they are ALL in my fridge!
My dad had it too! :)

BRAND'S® Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar
For over 500 years, the Chinese have treasured Bird’s Nest as a valued delicacy and tonic.
Today, you can enjoy this highly regarded goodness in a bottle of BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar. Just like what you used to get in the old days, it consists of 100% genuine, premium quality bird's nest. And of course, it’s all natural, with no preservatives or artificial flavouring. But unlike the traditional version, you can drink it straight from the bottle, any time.

For more information, visit www.brandsworld.com.sg !

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