Friday, April 6, 2012

M Studio Stay in conjunction with Valentines' Day!

Had a nice a night stay at M Studio hotel with my GF on the 11 Feb to celebrate Valentines' Day
Celebrated in advance becos on the 14th I need to go out to sell rocher flowers with William, my best buddy!

Our room no. 4.05


nice comfy bed.
that i'd be sleeping on...

standing shower.
quite small though... cos its like a studio apartment

mini kitchen table w the walk-up by the side..

nice backdrop..
as though we were sleeping in the cold forest

some cam-whoring..

shitting area!

the walk-up to the 2nd-floor

its like a study area...
which has a couch that can even be extended for u to rest.

looking from the top..
my Gf playing with her phone.. 
but i guess shes checking out sth.. probably on the dinner later.. :P

another cam-whoring pic. :P

in the evening we drove to the M Hotel to have dinner there at the Cafe 2000
Tell ya wad.. i wanted to take a picture of the whole place there from the entrance, i took a few shots and walk back to my seats, upon walking back an idiotic lady came and told me that she's not comfortable with me taking the pictures.. with my camera facing 'em. I told her "I will delete them then!" Later she said sth else and i told her i'm taking the whole place. duh~!

In my mind.. i was thinking like wad the.. ___ (Fill in the space yourself)
Anyway.. i think the photo would be NICER without her inside. :P
(Hope she reads this one day!)

its a buffet style and served with my girlfriend's favourite Durian Puree!

And my favourite Oysters! Yummy! I'm hungry now already! :P

after the dinner we went back to our hotel and i went to walk around the pool side area and saw the gym.. went to work out a bit the next morning. :)

Studio M Hotel Singapore

Located at:
 No. 3 Nanson Road
Singapore 238910

T: +65 6808 8888

mich bought me this MONTBLANC wallet for valentines' day present.
It was really nice of her..
previously i was using Braun Buffel.

Thanks love~!

On my part... i bought her an iPhone car charger. :)


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