Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blogger J.Law professed his love to Edison Chen!!!

Some time back, there was another news that got many netizens talking over it!!!
Yes... It is about the Hong Kong singer, Edison Chen again!
Even the Edison himself did not know of the report because he does not read Chinese.

This time is not about Edison having another scandal lah...
But it is about a Chinese blogger J.Law professed his love for Hong Kong actor Edison Chen on his microblog (

Who is J.Law? (I'm curious too)
J.Law is a blogger in China and he has more than 1.28 million followers on his microblog. Because of what he wrote on his blog. he received numerous responses from netizens worldwide.

J.Law or also known as "夏河" claimed that he had fallen in love with Edison, ever since he saw the singer in a Pepsi commercial. He also expressed jealously towards a handful of actresses, who were rumoured to be dating the actor. The blogger shared that he met Edison's father at nightclubs when he was much younger, and often fantasized of building a close relationship with the singer through his father. He was also very supportive of Edison, when the latter was caught in a photo sex scandal in 2008. Edison's manager responded to the report, saying, "Edison probably doesn't know about this, because he doesn't understand Chinese characters." Clarifying his online confession, J.Law updated his microblog and wrote: "Is the entertainment section running out of news? A passer-by's compliments to his idol is now a love confession? As for [Edison's] manager's response, is this [piece of news] worth responding?"

 More photos of J.Law:

 J.Law openly disclosed his relationship with his boyfriend, Kirio:

 See who is J.Law boyfriend, Kirio (Video done by their fans I supposed):

J.Law & Kirio's even had a Facebook fanpage:

Chua Enlai to spoof Hong Kong’s Edison Chen 
The pokerfaced BB See from The Noose had dropped English speaking gab for some Chinese language blabber in March 26 on xinmsn’s animated comedy, Blk 88. In it, Enlai voices the role of "Tedison", a character spoof of the scandal-plagued bad boy of Hong Kong showbiz, Edison Chen.
See the interview:

    <a href='' target='_new' title='Chua Enlai has his own version of Hanyu Pinyin that only he understands it himself!' >Video: Chua Enlai has his own version of Hanyu Pinyin that only he understands it himself!</a>

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