Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My role at the F&N Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3.

On 17th Mar 2012, I was at the newly refurbished Kallang Theatre as a VIDEO MAN!!!
Hmm... you guys must be wondering why I was there as a video man right?

Yep! For some of you who had read my previous posts or saw from my Facebook, I'm actually the Official Blogger with my for the F&N Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3 with my teammate, William and that day was the FINALS.

Just few days before the event, William and I actually spent some time at a cafe to discuss on how we can do a good coverage on this event to share with our readers and friends. After some thoughts, we came out with
TWO ROLES - Video Man & Photographer!!!

So I took up the Video Man role and William the Photographer. We thought this would be the BEST TEAMWORK coz we can each focus on our own role. One fully concentrate on taking GOOD VIDEOS and the other concentrate on taking NICE PHOTOS!!!

Can you imagine me standin' there for a few hours from 7-10pm ?
trying to capture all the videos to my camera.. Hehehe...
but really sad to say I missed the 17th team that came out to perform.
when I pressed stop recording button at the end of their performance, my camera told me MEMORY IS FULL! when I tracked back whether that video was saved.. it was not there. :(
Nevertheless.. I've tried my best!

It was a GREAT SHOW to watch!!!
Simply amazed by some of the dance moves made by the dancers!!!

being part of the media team representing myself as an official blogger for this SDD Vol. 3!
It's my honour.
Here.. presenting you myself and William...
We had our FREE FLOW F&N SPARKLING DRINKS during the breaktime!
Stay tuned to our upcoming post 
as we will bring you thru' GrEaT PHotOs & VideOs of that SDD Vol.3 (FINALS)!!!


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