Sunday, October 28, 2012

KOREA DAY 2 - JEJU - 25th Dec 2011 - O'Sulloc!

DAY 2... On our way to O'Sulloc
We woke up late on this day... and missed our breakfast at Sunshine Hotel. Hence we gotta rush abit. It was my first time driving the car also. So i was abit excited. Furthermore its a left-hand drive also, hence the traffic was the other way round. Not used to it at first.. but later get the hang of it. :)
OSULLOC Tea Museum is the largest tea museum in Korea, in Jeju-do.
Check this out --->

the entrance.

the merchandise.

facial products.

Roasted Green Tea.
i bought 2 packets! :)

Michelle buying alot of things...
later we transferred to a big bag.. haha...

 a random picture taken with the silhouette of the window panes on our way to the Tea House.

at the Tea House.

we ordered Green Tea Latte to enjoy!

it comes with some very nice cookies...

and we also bought a Green Tea Swiss roll...
it was very nice! :)

later i went to the toilet... its very nice and looks eco-friendly :)

it was snowing when we went back to our car to put our purchases... before going fora walk around the green tea farm

over at our car.. we took some nice pictures.. :)

at the green tea farm.
it was a Christmas Day that day! :)

a closer look at the green tea leaves...

after that we went back to the Tea House again!
we were so crazy about it and we kinda spend the whole day there...
the things are not cheap there either... but i think we spent alot there. :P

this time we ordered Green Tea Mocha.. and a Green Tea + Vanilla ice-cream :)

we also bought a box of cookies back to eat... they were really very nice! :)
above.. i took some pictures of mich opening the box.

she open, i eat! hehe... :P

took some photos of the car again.
i quite like the car.. hence i took quite a number of photos of the car.

including the headlamps

and the speedometer. :)

we had our dinner back at the same place as ytd again.. but this time we ordered Bulgogi Beef
just put everything at the side.. :)

it was nice also...

and we ordered some fried dumplings too! it was tasty! :)

We had a great dinner and went back to our hotel and rest after that.
For this day we only visited one place which was the OSULLOC... cos we woke up late. :(
but its okie... we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves over there! :)