Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Guinness Live Round 21 - Yong Wei vs SiLing 15Dec2011

My second time to Firefly as a blogger covering this event on that day.
its a very nice cosy place.

here.. let me feature YongWei first..
His performance was very much better than the day before.. perhaps the day before was too rush for him, hence he was unprepared. For this time, he dressed well also as compared to the previous day he wore a simple t-shirt with some prints on it and an old faded jeans (see my previous blogpost)
Thumbs up for you, YongWei! But of course you need to brush up more on your singing.. in order to outwit your competitors. Perhaps some variations at certain parts of the song would be good. :)

Here are the songs he sang that day...
- 纸飞机- 如果没有你- 朋友

One thing i like about YongWei is his humbleness despite the criticism by some nasty judges or MCs.
he maintained his silence and just listen.
Well.. i think thats the BEST you can do!

SiLing on the other hand... was more EMO that day. throughout whole thing she was quite quiet also. she was not as chirpy as the first day i saw her. Later, i found out from her that her stomach was not feeling well... Nevertheless, she still sang very well and have chosen the right songs which suits her condition.

Here are the songs she sang that day...

- 一只小雨伞 (Hokkien)
- 追- 没有烟抽的日子

over here Jason Chung from Team Dragonfly asked one of the audience which singer she wanna cast her vote to..

later the lady on the right gave her invaluable advices to the singers.
heard she was the one of the judges that gave YongWei a hard time. Oops~! :P

Finally we have the score and our winner for Guinness Live Round 21 is SiLing! :)

Here's a short interview with her...

How do you feel of your performance on last night?
Though there are some hiccups in between but I'm glad I manage to pull it through ...

What did the mentors and judges said and do you agreed?
Mentors' comments are very kind, of course I feel no matter how good u are, there are definitely room for improvement ... just like my hokkien song ... i can work on adding more hokkien flavour to the song.

What do you think of your dressing?
I tink Jaye ur stylist really put in a lot of effort in sending us images as guidance and helping us in our hairdo and make up before the competition .. really learn alot from him

Lastly what do you want to say to your supporters?
Lastly, thank you everyone for their time and effort coming down to support and cheering so loudly .. esp the contestants from other groups as well ... this competition other than singing techniques and stage performance is also about friendship

a photo with Aydan who is a singer for this Guinness Live also.

Not forgetting my friends.. we just enjoyed to the music and chilled out there! :)

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