Monday, December 19, 2011

Guinness Live Round 20 - Yong Wei vs Regine 14Dec2011

Round 20 of Guinness Live was held at St. James Dragonfly last Wednesday.

having the biggest stage among others... like Shanghai Dolly and Firefly
the atmosphere was good.

and here we have Jason Chung (far right) and Sky (far left) as our MC for that night
with Regine and Yong Wei at the center.

here are some of the great pictures taken that day...

Regine from Team Shanghai Dolly sang pretty well that day... with full of confidence (which is a good sign)
when you have confidence, u will sing well. (TIP 1)
So first of all, YOU have to be CONFIDENT!

Very clever... she even made use of the podium at the left side of the stage...
which made the whole stage as though it all belongs to hers.

her outfit was good that day too... i would say its daring and would cause her to stand out among any other competitor.

Here are the songs she sang that day.

- 热情的沙漠
- 爱你一万年
- 如果没有你

lookin' into the details.. we can see that she really put in effort to put up a good show :)

Here.. we have our cute n chubby Yong Wei from Team Dragonfly... who is humble on stage.
His dress sense was criticised by the MC for being too norm, saying the audience can even wear better than him. I personally felt that it was abit too much. She should have learned that he was called last min to stand in and sang on this day, because the actual singer who was supposed to compete with Regine was sick. He had no choice but to come to the event unprepared, rushing from Changi chalet. 

posing a shot for us...
Thanks Yong Wei! :)

Here are the songs he sang that day

- 纸飞机
- 没有烟抽的日子
- 朋友

Sky asking an audience from the ground who she wanna cast her vote to...

and she answered "REGINE!"
Most of the audience have their votes for Regine and there....

She WON with 23 points above Yong Wei.
Congrats Regine! :)

Here's a short interview done with Regine. See what she has to say... 

How do you feel of your performance on last night?
Was sick so didn't really do my best last night, but it was so much fun with my friends and everyone around!!!

What did the mentors and judges said and do you agreed?
Mentors commented on my low notes which I will definitely, and have been working on.

What will you improve on?
Improve on the singing and stage presentation of cos.

What do you think of your dressing?
Jaye made me look so sexy and pretty on stage last night!!!!

Lastly what do you want to say to your supporters?
Wanna thank all my supporters who were there for me during my shows! And last but not least, KEEP VOTING FOR ME EVERYDAY!!!!!! haha...

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