Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PHOTO EXPOSED: Edison Chen Kissing 16 Years Old Cammi Tse.

The 31 years old HK star, Edison Chen (陳冠希) had appeared to be recently dating a 16 years old model, Cammi Tse (謝芷蕙).

Will this be another hot topic of the world?

Edison’s secret lip-locking photo with Cammi was exposed last night for the first time (Below).

Allegedly, Edison pulled “all tricks out of his bag” to successfully pursue Cammi, embarking on a relationship with a 15-year age gap!

Earlier, it was rumored that Edison had broken up with former girlfriend, Albert Yeung’s (楊受成) niece, Vincy Yeung (楊永晴). Each time such breakup rumors circulated, Edison stepped forward to deny them.

Last night, a netizen uploaded a photo of Edison kissing Fantasy member, Cammi Tse, on the lips. From the photo, it was apparent that Edison was hugging Cammi from behind while giving her a tongue-twisting kiss typical of passionate lovers!

Through her manager, Admond, Cammi acknowledged that she was the woman kissing Edison in the photo, while refusing to divulge her exact relationship with Edison. Admond said, “Cammi admits that she took the photo with Edison, but does not wish to respond to any other matters.” Turning 16-years-old in March 2011, Cammi and Taiwanese model, Sum Chi Ming (沈志明), had an unpleasant encounter at a nightclub earlier.

Calling Each Other “BB”

An insider revealed that Edison and Vincy Yeung broke up several months ago. Edison started dating Cammi in May, upon which she posted a photo taken with Edison, praising him for looking “very handsome.”

Allegedly, Edison was attracted to Cammi upon meeting her for the first time. Edison utilized Whatsapp to start his pursuit and before long, the pair were referring to each other as “bb”! Edison frequently drove Cammi around in his car and the pair dined at fine restaurants together, in which the bills easily surpassed several thousand Hong Kong dollars per meal.

Madly in love, Cammi often left messages on her blog hinting [at her secret relationship with Edison], including “secret love passwords” such as “abcde” which signified “EDC baby.” Cammi also uploaded a photo of a received gift of a stuffed toy, worth several thousand Hong Kong dollars.

I'm not sure if the school of 16-year-old Cammi will take any action with regards to the exposed photo of her kissing with Edison and their romantic relationship.

Here are some nice photos of Cammi Tse...