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Guinness Live PK Round 3 - Si Ling vs Phoebe @ FIREFLY (03Nov2011)

... went down to FireFly on Thursday night to witness the singing battle between Si Ling and Phoebe below.

It was the 3rd night of the Guinness Live since the start of the first night on Tuesday.
it was something which i'm pretty interested in.. cos i love singing too! and was like the Taiwan's 超级星光大道!
havin' the PK competition whereby the winner will stay and the loser would be kicked out of the competition on the spot.

But before i start... let me provide you an introduction to what this Guinness Live competition is all about.

In support of the local live music scene, Guinness is staging a fresh music program - Guinness Live - which brings together industry veterans and young aspirants. 12 amazing young performers under the mentorship of music veterans will battle it out through a series of 54 live shows held in three of Singapore’s hottest clubs - Dragonfly, Firefly and Shanghai Dolly.
Respective Mentors
These 12 singers will be divided into three teams, with each team assigned their respective “home club” and mentor - William Scorpion from Shanghai Dolly, Jason Chung from Dragonfly and Fatt Zhai from Firefly.
The highlight of each show features a musical battle where a visiting mentor and the contestant under his tutelage visits a contesting club to challenge the resident team to a stage battle called a Player-Killer Shootout (PK Shootout). With the help of renowned composer and producer Eric Ng, 20 Chinese classics have been turned into special ‘Guinness Live’ remixes for the contestants to perform during the PK Shootout at the three clubs.
Who will decide their fate?
Deciding the fate of the 12 contestants will be the music fans. Fans online can cast their votes on ‘Guinness Live’ Facebook Fan page. Every week one lucky voter will win an exclusive ‘Guinness Live’ St James membership card.

The stakes are high for all twelve participants. At the end of the program, only one team will rise from the lights and applause to emerge as winners. After 54 weeks of gruelling grooming and close mentorship, the winners will be cutting a brand new single written and produced by Eric Ng and Xiao Han. To help realize the aspirants’ dream, Guinness will be putting the winners up on stage on 17 March 2012 together with an international act.

And on Thursday night, it was held FireFly!

If ya not sure where is it... its at the Singapore Marriott Hotel (basement), 320 Orchard Road

the mentors Jason Chung (left) and Fatt Zhai were the MC for that day ...
tell u what.. they sang very well too! Especially Jason Chung, i was pretty mesmerized by the way he sang the first opening song for the event on Tuesday night.

Fatt Zhai was really good too!
.. and i saw him played the drums at the back too.. after the competition. Cool~! :)

an overview of the whole "happening" area!

here are the contestants on that day...

-Team DragonFly-
Phoebe Ong 王美莲

INFO: Phoebe knows what it takes to make it as a live performer. Five nights a week, she entertains the crowds at a local music café – earning her living as a professional musician. But Phoebe knows she is ready for a bigger audience and is keen to show what she can do. With a passion for music, Phoebe likes nothing better than belting out a big rock number for her audience, so look out for Phoebe the rocker chick when she takes the stage.

i think she sang pretty well... :)

Here are the songs she sang that day ...



-Team Firefly-
Yee Si Ling 余思铃

INFO: You’ve probably heard her sing or seen her on television and never realised it. Si Ling has sung back-up vocals for some of the biggest artistes in the region, including Kit Chan. She has been a back-up singer on television shows as well as working in the studio recording jingles and cover versions. Si Ling is a talented professional but singing back-up for other people is not enough for her. With Guinness Live Si Ling has the chance to show what she can do and establish herself as an artiste in her own right. It’s time for Si Ling to move from the back of the stage to the front!

her voice was quite powerful. Good!

here are the songs she sang that day ...




putting them together.. after that Jason and Fatt Zhai asked them some questions..
it brought alot of laughter n joy... to the audiences as well. :)

NOW its time to reveal the results !

Starting from zero, the point determination is split into 2 phases.

Phase 1: The marks would be determined by the judges. Cheering from the audiences for each of the contestant would be taken into consideration as well.

Phase 2: Three person would be picked from the audiences to cast their vote on who they think is a better singer. Each vote equates to 10 points.

For the scenario that day, each of them got 70 points from the Phase 1. Thereafter, 3 persons were picked from the audience to cast their vote. The first person cast his vote on one of them, and the second person cast his vote on the other. Eventually, they resulted in having the same points in the end. Both got 80 points each. Hence, the vote from the 3rd person is the most crucial one...

In the end.. the 3rd person cast his vote for SiLing, saying that her performance was better and more comfortable to listen. Hence, she emerge as a winner for this Round with 10 points more than Phoebe. Below where the red arrow is pointing to was the 3rd person who cast the final vote for Si Ling.

after that i managed to take some pictures with the contestants..
here i am with Phoebe.

together with my good buddy, William :)

and a picture with Si Ling who's the winner for the night! :)

not forgetting chilling with our friends from APB. :)

Guinness Live’ has kicked off on 1st November 2011 and will run till 1st March 2012.

Every week at the following venues:

- Shanghai Dolly (Tue, 10pm)
- Dragonfly (Wed, 10pm)
- Firefly (Thurs, 10pm)

Join the party and Vote for the winners!
You stand a chance to Win a Limited Edition St. James VIP Card too! :)

Here are some videos taken that day...

UP NEXT: Check out William's blog which would be featuring the highlights from the Round 4 of the competition on Tuesday at Shanghai Dolly (10pm)!

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