Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Give yourself a smart fashion makeover with this new attitude to style.

Come across this article from Men's Health Weekly... and find it pretty true!

1. Discard Old Clothes Without Mercy
Anything you haven’t worn for more than three months should be tossed. This helps to make room in your closet and forces you to consider your purchases carefully. Also, ditch clothing with irreparable damage or permanent stains. There’s really no point in holding onto these, is there?

2. Play With Colours
Flex your creativity by combining colours in your outfit. Cool hues (like blue and purple) can be matched with warm tones (like orange and red) to produce a surprisingly balanced ensemble.

3. Experiment With Patterns
If you’re not in favour of layering or other excessively fussy forms of wardrobe embellishments, turning to patterned garments – like argyle on a polo shirt – helps you achieve that classic golfer look with a contemporary twist.

4. Try A New Look
Men are creatures of habit. But it’s good to shake things up occasionally by wearing something you wouldn’t ordinarily put on. You – and the people around – may just notice that the new look suits you.

5. Calculate Your Wardrobe's ROI
You mustn’t shop for clothes as a means of beating stress or satisfying any compulsion. That’s the fastest way to rack up unnecessary debt on your credit card. Instead, think about what garments would be useful for you, how often you will wear them and whether they will become complementary additions to your wardrobe.

6. Wear Clothes That Fit
Seriously, leave your oversized ghetto-thug aspirations behind and start dressing your size. The surest way for clothes to look good on you is for them to look like they were made for you. Try on every garment before you buy it and see how it looks as part of two or three outfits. After you’ve found a winner, pay for it.

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