Thursday, September 15, 2011

My 27th Birthday!


we had a sumptuous buffet dinner at the

Grand Corpthorne Waterfront's CAFE BRIO's

my eldest bro, Chris
do we look alike? haha...

Chris bought me a FX bag which i wanted and gave me a bottle of hair serum from Skin Food!

my gf, michelle.

Papa.. mama.

Family Photo. :)

My elder bro, James and his gf, Ashlynn. My nephew, Yihern joined in before the camera snapped. :)

after the dinner we proceed to my bro's place to celebrate our birthday.

it was done by me and my gf...
she helped me to take photos while i was doin actually.
Thks mich! :)

another family photo .. :)

. . .

Process of making the cake...

We were given these to play with...

on this plain white cake which is actually blackforest inside.

started off with writing our names ...
it was my FIRST time doin' this.. dunno if i should exert less or more force to squeeze out the cream.


Saw that Red Arrow?
There was a space there.. so i thought of using the remaining cream to make two circles just to place the CANDLES! haha... (i don't think there are any cakes out there that has this idea. haha)

my elder brother, James bought me this from BMW.

Its a thumbdrive with 8GB! :)

- - -


my best friend, Kelvin treated me to a 1hr massage at BONAFIDE + a nice lunch at PIZZA HUT!
Thanks Bro! :)
The above picture was taken to send to my GF in Egypt. Unfortunately, she was unable to receive it. Hence... i'm showing it here. :)

- - -


had dinner with my ex-colleagues from SLS at the SOUP RESTAURANT (AMK HUB).

The food was really nice!
We had Samsui Ginger Chicken, Ah Kon Kang Kong (阿公番薯叶), Hometown Tofu... the peanuts (side dish).

after tt we proceed to NEBO at the 4th floor to have a drink there... :)

wafer with ice-cream representing my birthday cake - Special! :)

still have to cut cake... waffles i mean. haha :)

they bought me this...
Thx Grace, Tiffany, Eileen, Jenny & Ting! :)

Finally filled up this space for my last present for my birthday!
this belt is from William.. bought at Far East Plaza. :)

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