Monday, July 4, 2011

My Trip to Hong Kong, Macau and ZhuHai...

15.04.2011 - 19.04.2011

boarding the plane...
it was a morning flight at 6

in the air ...

boarded this bus E34 to our hotel, Harbour Plaza Resort City at Tin Shui Wai

our room...
pretty spacious!

there's even a small kitchen area..

this was our window.. looking out.. this is the view.
we are on a pretty high floor. *forgot which floor le*

after a short break.. we went to this restaurant located jus right below our hotel to have Dim Sum! Very convenient. :)

Including the Century Egg Porridge!
(*Maybe we were hungry.. lol)

Delicious Char Siew Bao!

on the streets of HK!

had this for dinner....

very nice.. but i had a sore throat.
so it didnt turn out very enjoyable. :(

we had this the next morning...
everytime we go overseas we would like to try out their fast food like MacDonald's over there. It can be quite different from Singapore and places to places.
So this was wad we had. :)
NEXT: Heading down to the OCEAN PARK!!!

showing you some of the photos in the aquarium there...

a real Great White Shark...

this is pretty scary?
look at the jaws..


at the souvenir shop.



Handsome! :P

At night we went to Madame Tussauds at THE PEAK!
Above was what we saw when we stepped in.

Do you know who is he?
Maybe not for the people in the West.

Louis Koo

Andy Lau

My friend, Aaron Kwok.

Cecilia Chung

Famous Pianist, Lang Lang

Marie Tussaud who started this wax modelling thing and then Madame Tussauds

Diana Princess

Jet Li

Zhang Guo Rong

The Royals..

Sun Yat Sen

Deng Xiao Ping

Mao Ze Dong


Albert Einstein

Lee Kuan Yew

Donnie Yen

Leon Lai

Bruce Lee

Little Mozart

Yao Ming of China

David Beckham

Tiger Woods

Just for Fun!

Elvis Presley

Mei Yan Fang

Edison & Gillian Cheung :P

Lady Gaga


The Beetles

Next day we are at Zhu Hai.
And this is our hotel, Yong Tong!
Its pretty good actually. :)

Maybe cos its quite new... :)

went to Macau during daytime just to have our Favourite Portuguese Egg Tarts at Margaret Cafe.. But we order THESE LOT!

And we finished it!

Yuan Ming Yuan at Zhu Hai.
The Real place is at China, Beijing.

This was our car to be toured around.
The tour guide will drive and tour us around.. take pictures for us.. :)

Going to be the Emperor!

Shall see...

leaving with style... but wearing slippers...

watching the dance show which the Emperor used to watch last time...

our last day... :(
after tt we would be return back to Singapore.
having our breakfast and chilling out here... :)

though it was short... i love the time with my gf here... :)


Anonymous said...

Have a fun trip! I just arrived in HK xD If only you're Malaysian, then can feature you on our blog =p will find a way~ =p

Admin said...

wow very nice