Friday, June 17, 2011

2 Singaporean Girls asked to strip by Malaysian Immigration Officers!

'They asked us to strip, take off all our clothes and underwear, and then asked us to stand up and down while pulling our ears', said Ms Lim, one of the two women.

TWO Singaporean women who drove to Johor Baru for supper found themselves questioned by Malaysian immigration officers, handcuffed, thrown behind bars and made to do squats while naked.

They said their nightmare started when they drove into Johor Baru without getting their passports stamped, through an unmanned immigration lane. It ended 48 hours later when they were allowed to return to Singapore with a warning.

'We thought it was a small issue, we didn't think something like that would happen,' said one of the women, a manager in an insurance company who wanted to be known only as Ms Chang.

A spokesman for the Custom and Immigration Quarantine Complex in Bangunan Sultan Iskandar confirmed that two Singaporean women had been detained for an immigration offence.

Ms Chang, in her late 30s, had been driven to Johor Baru by her friend, a property agent in her late 20s who wanted to be known only as Ms Lim, at about 1.30am last Thursday.

Ms Lim was driving her new Nissan Latio. It was the first time she had driven to Malaysia, although she had been driven there before by friends.

I came across this article from The Straits Times online and i find it RIDICULOUS! Shall NOT comment more here.

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