Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Selling Process...

We managed to SELL OFF ALL of our Ferrero Rocher flowers by 10pm on the V-DAY!
It was a great achievement - having our baskets emptied... as both of us were still afraid that we can't sell off all of them on the V-day. At 8pm we still had alot more to sell off... and was quite flicker-minded on whether to lower the price or not. Nevertheless.. we made it!

the selling process . . .

friends who visited us...

My buddy, Kelvin and his wife who was not in the picture.. paid us a visit too! :)
They helped us to buy MacDonald's fillet meals for dinner!
Thks Kelvin & Wp!

a friend of mine, Jimmy who came to collect this flower.. :)

This photo will be in memory to our best partnership in doing this business together on the Valentines' Day of 2011.

Thanks William for everything, without you this wouldn't have been a successful one! Thks!

Thanks to William's Mum who assisted us alot in this as well. Cheers~!

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liptong said...

thumbs up for some quick bucks!


shaun said...

Thank you! :)