Monday, February 7, 2011

Probably the BEST Chinese New Year Ang Pow ever received!

Ang Pow from my 小姑!
She always make her own Ang Pow every year and i guess this is probably the BEST Ang Pow i had ever received. Read on and u will know why. :P

Inside the Ang Pow - there was $20 and a folded Rabbit (FYI, its the year of Rabbit in the lunar calendar)

After blowing air to the mouth area of the folded rabbit.. it becomes a FAT Rabbit. haha..
But there was something inside this Big Fat Rabbit when i shook it. What was it?

To my surprise... it was another two small rabbits folded in $10 notes...
making it to $40 for this particular Ang Pow! Cool har~! :)

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