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My Heartland Fiesta 2011- HONG KAH POINT!


I was selected as one of the 8 star bloggers to explore and blog about Hong Kah Point.

And for this... we were given a BiG Ang Pow by the secretary of the retail association of Hong Kah Point. Wanna Guess How Much Is It? :P

I went down with one of my friend who was also selected for this event last Saturday. We had a good time shopping around there, exploring the place, having good food and playing around.


It was a truly rewarding one...
Read on you would know... :)

BUT Before that...
Let me intro you to Hong Kah Point.

Hong Kah Point (HKP) is a charming neighbourhood centre in Jurong West, Hong Kah Point consists of more than a 100 retail shops selling a wide variety of products from trendy fashion wear to electronic goods at delightful heartland prices. It also has a food centre with 60 stalls serving up a wide variety of delicious local cuisines.

Hong Kah Point, which is famous for fruits, also attracts many visitors from all over Singapore every year. Come during June, when the tropical fruits season starts, and indulge your self in the wide variety of mouth-watering durians, mangosteens and sumptuous fruits here.

Besides the “Fruit Paradise” reputation, this place has also been lovingly named the “Chinatown of the West”. This is due to the bustling Chinese New Year Fair that Hong Kah Point holds annually. One of the largest New Year market in the west, residents look forward to this fair every year where they can soak in the lively festive mood and shop from a huge and wonderful range of New Year products and goodies available for sale.

There are also traditional Chinese medical halls selling exotic herbs. Enter into the confectioneries and you would be tempted by the wide range of yummy buns, breads and pastries.

If you're curious about Chinese wedding customs and traditions? Step in to Cheok Keuw Bridal Company that is one-of-a-kind in Singapore and prides itself in providing Chinese traditional dowry items and services.

Below here is a simple shop directory of the Hong Kah Point from block 501 - 509. It would be convenient for you to refer to the shops that i would bring you thru' later...

(u may click on the picture to enlarge)

The FIRST shop i visited was this...
which is located @ Blk 504 , unit 225

selling many Chinese New Year decorations...

there were so many things in this store with jus a small area.

All the "福" and "春" words of blessings

See... there are so many Rabbits.
Because its 兔年, the lunar year of Rabbit! :)

See... 3 for 5 dollars Only!
Good Buy!

Hence, i bought 3 for my friends for their CNY home decor :)

i bought this to hang on the main door of my house...

and this to hang indoor. :)

i also sort of bought this for my mum... cos i find it very cute and her chinese zodiac sign is Rabbit! :)

All.. i got it from this store 鸿 宇世季良品 (Hong Yu Fine Seasonal Products s) which is located @ Blk 504 :)

it sells all sorts of stuffs..

right beside there's a shop called NGT Confectionery (@Blk 504, unit 227) which sells all sorts of chinese new year foodies...
e.g. Pineapple tart - my Favourite (below)

and i bought three of those back! :)

this was somewhere outside unit 843 of Blk 503 where they sell many nice plants to spice up your home this Chinese New Year. You can place them outside your home to make it look more vibrant and lively! :)


u can buy some CDs with nice Chinese New Year songs to play at your home during 初一, first day of chinese new year when visitors come to your place.

these are very nice jelly-like snacks that is located somewhere outside unit 186, between Blk 504 and 506. :)

the seller even gave us some to go back and try. :)

it looks really good.. and im hungry now! Argh!

Here, the same seller also sells Bee Cheng Hiang Bak Kwa , 美真香肉干

that is because they bring in exactly the same Bak Kwa from them and sell it here!
It tasted equally Good! :)

Here @Blk 504, unit no. 221... they also sell electrical and electronic stuffs like fans, washing machine, and rice cooker etc. All these are necessities. Once they are spoilt, you have to buy a new one and you can just get it here conveniently. :)

Medical Hall as mentioned. Its a must in most neighbourhood, especially those with more elderly people staying. Because most of them prefer chinese medicine to western.
(as you can see.. the unit no. is 223, its @ Blk 504) :)

theres also a Pawn Shop located @Blk 504, unit no. 225.

There are many many other shops around Hong Kah Point from Blk 501 to 508, and i can't simply list out all of them here... so if you wanna find out more about the store listings at Hong Kah Point - Pls Click Here! :)

It's Time to EAT!!!

There are many nice food around here and people enjoying their food.
At this Blk 505.. so called MH Centre on the map.. on my right side is hawker centre...

on my left side is like a mini dried market place...
over here they sell dried food like ikan bilis, garlic, ginger and onion etc.

Besides jus buying fish n meat from the market... many would sure need to buy these stuffs to make their food smells nicer. :)

there's also a set-up stall which sells magazines and newspapers.
Quite a big space though. :)

inside the market... theres also a small shop that sells many different types of fish.
But these are NOT for cooking k... haha.

inside the market i also found this nice area with many plants... which seems like a backyard and i'm quite surprise to discover this. Hence, i took some nice photos of it. :)

The wordings on the red paper says "Money Grow Money" :)

Finally we settle down and decided to EAT!
But first of all... we ordered 2 glasses of Sugar Cane Juice from this stall above!
cos we were too thirsty...

my friend ordered this beef noodle above.

I had this chicken rice bought from the stall below.

the lady from shop even posed a picture for me! :)

we also ordered this popular FiSH SOuP to try ...
Look at the LONGGGGGGG QUEUE below!

the queue jus keep becoming longer n longer... haha.

a closer look at the stall.

we also ordered some light snacks to try out and share like the one above, pancake with coconut fillings.. and Hand-made Pau below.

after our meal... we went to walk n shop around again! :P

a stall that sells many fruits.. located at outside Blk 503, in front of unit no. 845

they also have this so called "杂货店" which cater to our daily needs n household chores.

doing some shopping ...

while shopping around i saw this and find it quite nice n cute.
thought of buying for my niece for this CNY, but the thought was dismissed bcos i think its too big for her. Anyway, this look more like a korean dress to me. haha. :)

By afternoon around 2pm.. i bought quite a number of things...
it was really worth while. :)

during evening time... we saw quite a number of kids started to PLAY around at the playground. maybe becos the sun was setting, so it was not so hot. But not bad, there's a place for them to play while their parents can go buy their stuffs.

SEE! You can EAT, SHOP and PLAY!

At the later part, when the sky darkens... there were still many people shopping and walking around. Now I know why they say Hong Kah Point is like the "Chinatown of the West" :)

Heartland Fiesta 2011
It will be a 6-week celebration from 1 Apr to 15 May to bring the shopping spirit into the heartland centres. Heartland Fiesta was managed by for the 3rd year since 2009. Some of the major heartland centres will be participating. Hong Kah Point is the very first to commit. So be the very first to visit Hong Kah Point and check out the place! :)

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Thanks! :)


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