Monday, January 31, 2011

The Green Hornet and My Side-Kick Contest!

Participated in this The Green Hornet and My Side-Kick Contest with my good buddy William last Saturday 21.01.2011

It was quite fun playing the games.

Bump into a friend of ours who happened to be there... and helped us take some photos!
Thanks Zong Huan!

Staying back to take some photos with the host, Ling Darling!

We didn't win but we're still the BEST DUOS!
Nevertheless, we got back some $50 worth of goodies from SEASONS!
Not bad la... No need to stock up drinks for CNY liaoz... :P

-1 carton of F&N Green Tea
-2 bottle of F&N Green Tea
- One foldable green bag
- 1 pack of F&N fun magnet
- 1 "Green Hornet" microfiber cleaner
-1 "Green Hornet" tee (The one we wearing for the contest)

Thanks to F&N & Incinemas!

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