Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Dinner @ Mimo Kitchen 24.12.10

Can you spot our car ?
Clue: The cutest one!

Here... we took a nice photo outside the Mimo Kitchen
by one of the staff who attended to my reservation.

Greeted by two white rabbits on our way in...

the main entrance.

here... u may check out the operating hours and contact info for reservation
(click to enlarge for a clearer view)

alfresco dining / chill-out area

indoor dining area...
with all the furnishing that looked PAPER-LIKE!

including this candle-light..

How do i know this place?
from the newsletter sent by Lifestyle Asia.

Located: 55 Fairways Drive
(Off Eng Neo Avenue)

Let's take a look at our menu for the night!
If its not clear... click the one below.

our first dish was the appetizer - Prawn and Jelly Fish Salad
Notice the placement of the cutlery?
You will use the cutlery starting from the most outer side for your appetizer, followed by the soup, then lastly for the main course.

Seaweed, Jelly Fish Salad with a citrus vinaigrette and fish floss.

served with this very nice bread.

served with crispy Enoki Tempura

smoked streaky bacon, truffle infused gratin potatoes, roasted root vegetables, morrel mushroom with red wine sauce

strawberry shortcake with vanilla ice cream and almond tuiles
(the above was mine, below one was mich's)

bought a present for one another...

doin' some guessing on what was inside...

makin' a move...
on our way out we saw these nice decorations.
Guess wads inside the clear box?
it should be a rabbit :)
(but fake one la of course..ha..)

this was what michelle bought me.
3 x G2000 polo tees
so that i can wear them to work.
the designs are really nice and simple and i like it. :)

And this was what i bought for her...
a small re-usable calendar from MUJI.
she needs it to put in the car so that she can refer to the dates easily.
Hope she like it! :)

And hope u enjoyed this post!

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