Saturday, October 30, 2010

CRAZY over Mister Potato Rice Crisp!


What kinda CRAZY Stuffs I would do when

When I say hungry... I'm really Hungry!

See what I'd do when I'm hungry...

Felt hungry suddenly when I'm workin'
- EJECT my disk tray, GRAB the disc and EAT IT like cookie!

gif animators
Grab a few weights from my mini gym, stack it up and
EAT it like BURGER!

Havin' the dumbbell as Drumstick!


My Terrapin!
(I was a bit scared that it will bite my lips.. haha)

Poor HAMSTER, Wiwi gonna be my lunch!

How bout a HOT-DOG!
Poor Tracce... "I think you can last me for 1 week!"

I think I'd be darn FULL after eating this!

Oh... What is this?

Gonna be kiddin' eating a Canister?




So what is it?




The Sour Cream & Onion Flavour! (My Favourite!)

And this... the ORIGINAL Flavour!

With these.. I bought recently, I don't have to be so CRAZY munching disc cookies and being so CRUEL to my animals at home. It SAVED them from sacrificing for my hunger!

Noticed they were EXTRA TALL?
That means MORE Crisps inside!
Picture taken at this angle - It seems Realleee TALL!

Grab these tasty Mister Potato Rice Crisps at all local supermarkets in Singapore!

Available flavours are
- Original
- Sour Cream & Onion
- Flame Grilled BBQ
- Hot & Spicy

Now, you can enjoy rice in a slice fora crispy snack that will keep any rumbling tummy happy! Made from the goodness of rice with NO added MSG and 20% less fat than chips, EVERY Crisp is a Taste of Heaven!

gif animators

I can sleep well when I'm well fed with
Mister Potato Rice Crisps!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Have you seen this kinda PRAWN before?

I grabbed these photos from someone's FB.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WORDS with Michelle!

Played this with my gf sometime back...probably last week.. and we formed a SQUARE from the first 3 words. Jus sharing! :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dinner @ KINARA Cuppage Terrace | 23rd Oct 2010

We had this 1-for-1 main course yesterday
at the KINARA Restaurant located at the Cuppage Terrace.
It was our 2nd time trying out KINARA.
First time was at the Holland Village branch where we celebrated our 2nd anniversary and dressed up like indians. Check out the post here!

We had Lamb Kebab,

Chicken Curry,

Garlic and Fruit & Nut Naans

They looked really good...
Can't wait to start...

After our meal... we were given this to try.
Michelle wondered how we gonna eat this?
They were actually small bits of sweets majority in white and the rest in a few different colours like green, yellow and pink... as u can see in the picture below.

Let me show you how to eat >>>

First, scoop a small tea spoon of the sweets

Second, put them onto your palm

And.. Eat it!

We believe this would actually help you get rid of the curry smell that is in your breath after the meal.

Really Cute Hamsters!

how come the fur is like so nice...
seems very nice to touch... :P

in a dish...

This is mine!
And his name is called "Wiwi" :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My New Gym Corner!

The bench was given to me as a birthday present from my girlfriend. And its quite nice actually. Just a simple all black and a word "VITO" across the surface of the bench.

Of course.. with the bench i do up the gym by getting a mirror for $99 and 3 carpets for about $9.90 each. All from IKEA. In addition, i also bought a 1.5 metre rod (to hold the weights) for about $29 from Nutrition Park. I'm still in the midst of getting more weights... as they aren't really enough to do a simple bench press exercise. :P

Over here... I put up a simple frame with a picture of a former bodybuilder, so as to acquire some motivation even while training. The guy in the picture is called Frank Zane and was introduced to me by my gym buddy.

I was lookin' thru some pictures (including Arnold Schwarzenegger) and i found this quite suitable, hence i printed it and put it up onto the wall.

I would invite friends to train at my place... so it would be good to have this to motivate us. :)

Here are some of the weights i have.
I'm still in the midst of getting more...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vote for Us and Win Wild Wild Wet Tickets!

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5 pairs to be given away.

Each person can vote Up to 5 Times Each Day!

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Thanks for your vote and hope you Win too! :)

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Prawning at Yishun Bottle Tree!

It was RECORD BREAKING that we caught 14 prawns today!
But this time.. we used 2 rods to prawn.. usually we jus share one.

i caught the biggest one...
but my gf caught the most...!

it was during the last half an hour that we caught so many...
for the past one and a half, we caught only about 4... pathetic`!

Here we are posing a shot for our little achievement! :)

Good Prawning Experience today! :)

Kiehl's and VW Beetle

the pinkish balloon looks quite pretty with the spanking white beetle... :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Won the GV Movie Club's Piranha Babe and Piranha Hunk Contest!

So I'm the Piranha Hunk?

Read on...

Photo taken by the photographer there.

with the other 2 hunky contestants on my left and right...
and the left most was the Emcee who was darn funny and i think he did a good job. :)

Asking some questions like... wad are u working as currently etc.

when it was my turn.. i said i'm a freelance model and he asked wad kinda Ad jobs i've done so far... and i could only think of M1 and MOM (Ministry of Manpower) tts all, there were somemore but i jus couldn't think of any at tt moment... haha.. so i just answered those two. :P

Here is the board whereby the audience will show their support by sticking small stickers on the right column, hence casting their votes for the hunk they like. :)

And here.. i'm the Winner of the Piranha hunk..
havin the most votes from the audience.

In da picture.. saying a few words to thank those who have voted for me.

Here... whoever is reading this and was there at the event and supported me,

I would like to thank you again! :)

I walked away with the following prizes.

$500 Cash Prize
$100 O'Neill Voucher
Sovil et Titus Watch worth $399

the watch.

Thereafter.. holding the glass for the Piranha Babe to pick a winner in a lucky draw for a night's stay in a Siloso Beach Resort One Bedroom Villa worth $1,177.

a shot with the other 2 contestants

group photo with the emcee

group photo with the organiser..
Heartfelt thanks to them for shortlisting me as one of the contestant.

support from kelvin and weiping who came and voted for me. :)

and most of all.. my beloved girlfriend who helped me alot in this.
choosing the clothes especially.. rushing down in time for my contest despite having to work before that.

Thank you very much.. love!