Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our 2nd Anniversary @ Kinara Indian Cuisine, Holland Village!

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary at this contemporary
North Indian cuisine at Kinara, Holland Village.

Here are the food that we had... :)



Chicken curry which tasted abit sweet.

4 different Naans.

Hotplate lamb which tasted abit hot..
but i like it! :)

gif animator
Tear... Dip.. and Eat! :P

Mango Kulfi - its like ice-cream
Sth interesting! :)

Here's my anniverary present from michelle.

She asked me to guess... so i pressed and tried to figure out wad is it.

After opening SO many layers of wrappers...


Its actually something SO small!

So it was an iPod Shuffle...
which would come in useful for my run in Standchart this December.
Sounds pro... but 10km only la... :P

we really enjoyed the dinner!

and purposely dressed up ourselves up like an indian!

and michelle managed to get a punjabi from someone :)

Here again.. Featuring my New iPod Shuffle which would be very convenient even when i go fora jog downstairs. :)
Thanks love...

MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee - AMK HUB

had this choc sundae the other day
@ AMK HUB - MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee!
It was really nice!

and my gf had this Macha Mix Imo
and she said its very nice too!

If you're interested in being a member of MOF and enjoy the wonderful perks, here are the details.
  • -10% off total bill.
  • -20% off on selected meal of the day and dessert.
  • -Free Tea or Coffee.
  • -Additional 2% Citizen Rebate Dollars.
  • -Complimentary dessert during your Birthday Month in one of your visits.
  • -Discounts at overseas branches. Click here for our overseas locations.
  • -Waiver of Citizenship renewal fee with minimum spending of S$600 within 2 years.

Each Citizen will receive an MOF Citizen card which earns Rebate Dollars, Special discounts and Promotions.

Last but not least.. it cost only $10 for 2 years!
So what are you waiting for?

Sign up today!

Visit MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee @ AMK HUB TODAY!

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Drink in the Positivity !!!

(click to enlarge)

Stand a chance to Win a Samsung GALAXY S in their daily draw from now till 20th October!

Simply purchase the products as stated in the picture and submit the labels/barcode cut-outs to

'Drink in the Positivity' Contest
F & N Foods Pte Ltd
214 Pandan Loop S(128405)

Its that easy!

I'm sure you need to drink right? So why not try this new launched Seasons Green Tea and stand a chance to win? :)

My Trail Mix Crunch Experience from POST!

POST is one of the Top 3 Best Selling Cereal Brands in U.S.A.

Your favorite Post cereal provides you with an excellent source of whole grain. Its wide variety of flavours are packed with delicious wholesome and nutritious ingredients.

Back packaging of the Raisin & Almond Trail Mix Crunch.
It has a small column on the right downside.. which teaches you
how to eat your Trail Mix Crunch at its Best!

Nutritional Facts about this Raisin & Almond Trail Mix Crunch.


Making the cereal is easy!
Depends on how you want it to be... u can eat it cold with fresh milk OR mix it with fat free milk and microwave it.

1. Simply pour 1/2 a cup of Trail Mix Crunch into a microwaveable bowl
2. Add 1/3 cup of fat free milk into the bowl
3. Microwave it on high 30 secs for a BiG Crunch and 1 min for a little crunch :)

I personally prefer to add chilled full cream milk to my cereal and this is how it looks like above. Looks Yummy! And I'm HUNGRY NOW again!
And Guess what?


It was really nice to have this in the morning!
Its always good to start off the day with a good meal... and this is the One!

Other than Raisin & Almond.. u can also try out the Cranberry Vanilla flavor.
I bet it would taste good too!

Start your day with a delicious combination of tastes and textures in a blend of tasty granola, lightly crunchy nuggets, delicious cranberries and slivered almonds—all with a touch of vanilla flavor!


Why POST Cereal is part of US?

Cos' WE (my Gf n I) brought it to picnic last weekend.. while flying kite at the Marina Barrage! NOT just u eat this in the morning...
u can eat it

I influenced my friend Kelvin & his wife Weiping to try this too!
I bought two Trail Mix Crunch -Raisin & Almond at a price of one which is $5.90 at NTUC Fairprice. Its a promotion. I'd say i'm lucky to catch the promotion and i gave them one packet to try. :)

Look at how Kelvin posed with his new found cereal!
As though he is going to pour everything in to his mouth. LoL~!
Can't wait to unveil its goodness!

Begin your daily adventure with a terrific combination of tastes and textures in a blend of lightly crunchy nuggets, tasty granola, delicious raisins and slivered almonds, and a touch of honey.
(Like some advertisement lor... haha :P)

Last but not least...

I would say its the BEST Cereal that I've tried!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tracce's 10 Years Old Birthday!

Time flies... and Tracce my pet dog has been with us for 10 years!
since the moment i finished my Os.

we had Sarpino Pizza for our dinner.
1 Hawaiian and 1 Classico Italiano.
2 sets of Chicken Nuggets (10 pcs/set)
1 set of Cheese Meatballs.
Looks simple.. but they are really nice!

after tt we went to carry lanterns

my niece.. :)

Banana Dog Cake for tracce!
Specially made for dog to consume.

Tracce seem abit not use to the environment and shy...

Finally she ate some... at first she dun feel like eating. was abit sad though. cos we bought it specially for her. but later when we brought her back home and fed her again.. she ate them all.. and left only a few bits. :)

This was wad my gf, michelle gave her for her birthday present :)

Got this from MacDonald's happy meal!

Now she has a NEW TOY! :)

This picture is just to show u that the inner ear is PiNk! :P

Friday, September 17, 2010

Chinese Fu Dog or Foo Dog

Chinese Foo dogs may refer to any of the closely related dog breeds that have originated in ancient China and resemble Chinese Guardian Lions. They are often called as Lion Dogs. Chinese Foo is a breed of toy dog that were the most favored pets of Chinese Imperial Court. Foo or Fu is the Chinese word that translates into ‘happiness’ and thus Chinese Foo dogs are also called as ‘Happiness Dogs’. They have remained as the most revered breeds of dogs in Chinese history and several Chinese Arts depict Foo dogs.

Chinese Foo is a compact dog with an overall square profile. They come in three sizes toy, miniature and standard. Head is moderately broad with pricked ears. They have deep and moderately broad chest with a short, powerful and compact body, well-sprung ribs and short, wide and muscular loins. Its high-set and small ears are firm and erect when alert. Eyes are dark brown and almond-shaped. They have a very strong and muscular neck with a slight arch. Their legs are straight, firm, powerful and medium-length. They have double coat with a thick, coarse and weather-proof outer coat and a soft, silky and dense undercoat. Chinese Crested is an active, courageous, agile, intelligent and energetic dog.

Picture of a Fu Dog...
Funny or Cute or Both? haha....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who is the MOST Compatible Celebrity Couple?

I would say it would be ...


Tony Leung and Carina Lau posed with young Bhutanians during their wedding ceremony in the Kingdom of Bhutan July 21, 2008.

I doubt any celebrity can top Carina Lau and Tony Leung’s wedding held in Bhutan. How do you get the royalty to lend you their traditional wedding costumes and celebrate the happy occasion together in the kingdom? It’s supposed to be one of the happiest nation in the world, after the king announced that they will only look at Gross Happiness Index instead of how much they earned per capita.

You also get a famous film-maker turn wedding planner to orchestrate the event. It is almost surreal, like some magical movie is being filmed, except this is for real.

You also get a very famous singer who has decided to retire to sing for you.

You even get another royalty’s favourite florist to take charge of the floral display, with flowers air flown in for the d├ęcor.

You also get to wear one of the most famous bridal designer’s wedding gown.

You also get a famed makeup artist to do the morning makeup, aptly themed ‘Morning Dew’ to give a soft dewy look. I saw Carina Lau without her makeup in the Chinese tabloid newspapers, and I seriously think Zing is a great makeup artist.

You even get to fly your guests into the secluded kingdom just to attend your wedding.

You also get many young monks dressed in dark rich red robes to share the joy at your wedding, with the blessings from one of a very highly ranked monk.

So tell me, which other celebrities could top this wedding of the decade?

I sincerely hope they will live happily together. After all, they have been together for 19 years.

Recently, I came across an article on Tony Leung on why he is the Best Husband in the media industry. And I was rather impressed by how he portray himself despite being a married celebrity.

1. He was seen eating alone at a fast food store (not sure is it MacDonald's). And not only that, he was sharing table with totally strangers of both young and old. Carina must had been busy with some stuffs and left him alone to settle dinner himself and he seemed ok with it.

2. He is ok with carina returning home late at night because he understands that in this industry.. sometimes she would need to entertain big clients who probably would offer certain big roles in the movie to star in or other prospective deals. I would say Leung is understanding.

3. During the period when Carina was rumored to have an affair with another guy. Leung stood by her and told the reporters something like, "I trust Carina, she would not do such things." This statement was very impressive. Salute to him.

Why do i put up this photo above?
Dunch you think her chest was abit too revealing?
If it was me... I would have reprimanded my girlfriend.
But I think he didn't mind. This is something which I appreciate and would learn from him for being generous. (Or should I put it the other way, because they're celebrities...)

If I'm not blogging about Tony Leung & Carina Lau... The next would be our Singapore Shaun Chen & Michelle Chia... cos they are both Shaun & Michelle = Same as myself Shaun and my girlfriend Michelle! haha... jokes*!
Even the spelling for myself and him are the same; not Shawn or Sean. :)

Nevertheless, I chose Tony Leung & Carina Lau to other celebrity couples partly because I personally find them very UNIQUE as a couple (in their way). Havin' been together for 19 yrs before they tied a knot. I believe their relationship will last... eternity.

Pls click on e cross "X" on the right side above to do away with the SuperPoke! PETS.

Ok. Now... Let's talk about

In order to win the iPad.. I need to talk about this. :P

As you can see from the picture above... you can tell that its a dating service that they are providing you. Are you Single? Divorcee?

Are you looking for someone who has common interests as you?

eSynchrony can do it for you!

eSynchrony is a compatibility matching dating service brought to you by the same team that created Lunch Actually, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong's First and Largest Lunch Dating company.

eSynchrony gives you the best of online dating along with a personal matchmaker!

First, do a comprehensive personality quiz that will provide the eSynchrony matching system with sufficient information to provide you with matches that is based on a compatible profile and personality pairing.
Rather than spend all your time sending out messages in which you get limited or long drawn responses from, in eSynchrony, you can simply indicate to us which match do you wish to follow up with.

They will then do all the work for you: coordinating the convenient date, time and place to meet and sending out date reminders. Hence, they ensure an actual face-to-face date will occur and you will get to know your match in a short time.

In the one hour or so in the date, you would then truly know if this is a match that you are attracted to or can connect.
After the date, simply log on to eSynchrony to give your feedback so that your future dates can be refined as time passes.

eSynchrony saves you effort, time and provides concrete results in your social life as compared to other "do it yourself" online dating sites.

Look thru' the following step-by-step procedures for a better understanding of how they work.

(Click on the image to Enlarge)

They make it so simple as 1 2 3 ... but of course until six la... haha.
But its still very Clear, Systematic and Hassle-free!
Good Job by eSynchrony! :)

eSynchrony was also featured in the following medias:

With there strong recognition in this industry...

I'm sure you will get a good date for yourself. :)