Friday, December 24, 2010

More People are going nude... What is happening?


Last Thursday, a man in his 40s sat naked on the pavement in Ang Mo Kio for several hours before he was arrested.

SOME do it to draw attention to themselves. Others get a thrill out of seeing the look of shock on people's faces.

Either way, it is the kind of behaviour that leaves many here disgusted. But a growing number of people in Singapore are risking a fine or even jail by parading around naked in public.


A NUDE man casually sauntered into a McDonald's outlet at Ridout Tea Garden along Queensway and got into a strop over not being served, reported STOMP on Monday night.

The man was apparently oblivious to the fuss he had created at 4 am on Sunday morning when he strolled in to grab a cup of coffee.

A patron at the outlet said: 'This nudist was seen trying to buy coffee at McDonald's but ended up causing quite a stir. My friends and I were there when we saw the guy coming towards McDonald's.'

'We saw him nude,' he added.

The man, unhappy with the reception he received from the staff at the counter, went outside to make a phone call 'complaining that he wasn't being served'.

The patron, Sean, said that he lingered around outside for about 10 minutes before departing from the premises.

A police spokesman said they received a call on Sunday, and then arrested the man along Queensway. The 'naked' man has since been referred to the Institute of Mental Health for a pyschiatric evaluation.


And this time its a NUDE LADY boarding the bus... This source came from the "Lian He Wan Bao" which my friend took a picture of the headline news and sent it to me. He mentioned to me that the lady is in her late 50s.