Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chen Wei-Yi Marrying Herself.

I came across this article on The Straits Times last Sunday. Find it quite rare and interesting... so just sharing.

30-year-old Chun wei-yi woman plans to marry herself, on November 6.

The young Taiwanese from Taipei has been dreaming about getting married ever since she was just a little girl. Now that she’s all grown up, she’s ready to put on the traditional white dress and veil and finally tie the knot…with herself. Like many other Asian women, Chen Wei-yih focused most of her attention on her career and hasn’t been able to find a suitable partner. While other girls go as far as stripping in public to find husbands, Chen decided it’s more important to first love herself before she loves others, and asked her own hand in marriage.

The wedding ceremony is set to take place on November 6, when Chen Wei-yih will put on her wedding dress and go out for a gourmet meal with family members and 30 of her closest friends. After the wedding, Chen and her beloved self will leave on a romantic honeymoon to Autralia.

Chen-Wei-yih courage to challenge social perception in such an original way has inspired many, and her Facebook wall has been assaulted with messages of encouragement and appreciation, sent mostly by young Asian women like herself.


Anonymous said...

Just so people are aware this was not a original idea Chen Wei-yi came up with. This was a movie "I Me Wed." Came out 2007. Directed by Craig Pryce. She's a fake. She's probably doing this because she's a nobody and wants alittle fame. POSER

Anonymous said...

I think Chen Wei-yi is making a very good point. Throughout the world many people are pressured, and sometimes forced into getting married (especially Women)
Plus women are normally the ones expected to give up other pursuits in favour of bringing up children. This lifestyle is not for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Aw come on.

Whether this is an original idea or not.
For whatever her reasons for doing it.

i think this says a lot. Single women, even in this day and age, are still being stereotyped because they are not married.

She's just saying to people out there, that you don't have to depend for other people to take care of you and love you, if you don't love yourself first.

Choirchick22 said...

I think that's a great idea. It's something lots of women should consider *though I dunno about the actual marrying part*. Girls need to love themselves first.