Monday, November 29, 2010

DKNY Application (Scavenger) Event @ Orchard Paragon!

First of all.. Download the application called "SCVNGR"

You can log-in with your Facebook account, which is very convenient.

Go to "Treks" and you will see five treks namely Businessman Max, Backpacker Anya, Artist Carla, Model Justine and Rockstar Franz as shown above.

Go to Challenges and you will see a list of challenges for you to accomplish.
But you would only need to complete those which belongs to your trek.

For mE - I chose the Businessman!

Hence, I scrolled down till i saw 3 of the challenges which states "Part of the Businessman Max Trek" and those are the challenges i need to complete in order to finish the game.

For the first challenge as shown above.. i just have to find a shop that sells briefcase and enter the unit no. of the shop in that space below.

My answer was 01-42 which is the Dunhill store.

2nd Challenge: They want us to take a picture of a mannequin which sunglasses.
This is easy! Above is the picture i took.

3rd Challenge: They require us to take a picture of the store front of the DKNY JEANS.
Above is the photo i submitted. :)

When you completed all the three challenges, your phone show 3/3 and you would be awarded 10 pts. That's all!

For this... you would need to be an iPhone or Android user.
For me... i'm using an iPhone. :)

It was quite a fun and easy game with a few a tasks to complete.

After completing the tasks, we just showed the screen like the one above (which shows the 3/3) to the staff at the DKNY store and they awarded us with some goodies which includes the following:

- $50 for DKNY JEANS
- a 1 GB Thumbdrive which looks like some LEGO

Right away ~ i bought a nice fitting tee which cost ard $75 :P

It was really rewarding~! :)

Won a NutriFirst X-plode 2LB Grape Supplement from Men's Health!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Recent Kiehl's Event @ Parco Bugis Junction.

Thks William for the nice photos taken. :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chen Wei-Yi Marrying Herself.

I came across this article on The Straits Times last Sunday. Find it quite rare and interesting... so just sharing.

30-year-old Chun wei-yi woman plans to marry herself, on November 6.

The young Taiwanese from Taipei has been dreaming about getting married ever since she was just a little girl. Now that she’s all grown up, she’s ready to put on the traditional white dress and veil and finally tie the knot…with herself. Like many other Asian women, Chen Wei-yih focused most of her attention on her career and hasn’t been able to find a suitable partner. While other girls go as far as stripping in public to find husbands, Chen decided it’s more important to first love herself before she loves others, and asked her own hand in marriage.

The wedding ceremony is set to take place on November 6, when Chen Wei-yih will put on her wedding dress and go out for a gourmet meal with family members and 30 of her closest friends. After the wedding, Chen and her beloved self will leave on a romantic honeymoon to Autralia.

Chen-Wei-yih courage to challenge social perception in such an original way has inspired many, and her Facebook wall has been assaulted with messages of encouragement and appreciation, sent mostly by young Asian women like herself.

RETURN – From The B Boyz of Gorilla Crew, KOREA (6th Nov 2010)

Went to watch this with my girlfriend on Saturday.
It was really an adrenalin-pumping, gravity-defying show. :)

Here's the sypnosis:
From the creators of BBoyz & Ballerina comes another energetic and high-octane performance, Return. The Gorilla Crew is back again with yet another compelling tale of honour, brotherhood and passion, told entirely through adrenalin-pumping hip hop and breakdance. Be whopping, clapping and completely entertained by the gravity-defying floor routines.
Return is a story about a Bboy crew in need of funds to pay for the rental of their dance studio. Faced with the possibility of eviction, they plan to join a dance championship in hope of winning the generous prize money. However, things are not as simple.
With insufficient members, the crew's leader approaches Hochan, an ex-BBoy who now works as a office clerk, to join them. Hochan anguishes over the dilemma: should he help his friends at the expense of jeopardising his career or continue his mundane life in the office?
Meanwhile, conspiracy and bribery brews behind the scene. The conniving landlady schemes to prevent the crew from winning the championship. Heated dance battles explode as rival crews fight it out on the dance floor. Who will win the grand prize?
Be part of this international sensation which promises a truly entertaining experience for everyone. It is a celebration of some of the most innovative, breathtaking hip-hop and break dancing in a freestyle dance fiesta. This is dance adrenaline at its pulsating best.

Thanks to Energizer for giving me a pair of tickets to watch this wonderful performance by the Gorilla Crew.

Won this from submitting an entry through my purchase of their batteries.