Sunday, October 10, 2010

Won the GV Movie Club's Piranha Babe and Piranha Hunk Contest!

So I'm the Piranha Hunk?

Read on...

Photo taken by the photographer there.

with the other 2 hunky contestants on my left and right...
and the left most was the Emcee who was darn funny and i think he did a good job. :)

Asking some questions like... wad are u working as currently etc.

when it was my turn.. i said i'm a freelance model and he asked wad kinda Ad jobs i've done so far... and i could only think of M1 and MOM (Ministry of Manpower) tts all, there were somemore but i jus couldn't think of any at tt moment... haha.. so i just answered those two. :P

Here is the board whereby the audience will show their support by sticking small stickers on the right column, hence casting their votes for the hunk they like. :)

And here.. i'm the Winner of the Piranha hunk..
havin the most votes from the audience.

In da picture.. saying a few words to thank those who have voted for me.

Here... whoever is reading this and was there at the event and supported me,

I would like to thank you again! :)

I walked away with the following prizes.

$500 Cash Prize
$100 O'Neill Voucher
Sovil et Titus Watch worth $399

the watch.

Thereafter.. holding the glass for the Piranha Babe to pick a winner in a lucky draw for a night's stay in a Siloso Beach Resort One Bedroom Villa worth $1,177.

a shot with the other 2 contestants

group photo with the emcee

group photo with the organiser..
Heartfelt thanks to them for shortlisting me as one of the contestant.

support from kelvin and weiping who came and voted for me. :)

and most of all.. my beloved girlfriend who helped me alot in this.
choosing the clothes especially.. rushing down in time for my contest despite having to work before that.

Thank you very much.. love!


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Congratz on being the winner =)

shaun said...

thank you very much.. tian chad! :)