Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our 2nd Anniversary @ Kinara Indian Cuisine, Holland Village!

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary at this contemporary
North Indian cuisine at Kinara, Holland Village.

Here are the food that we had... :)



Chicken curry which tasted abit sweet.

4 different Naans.

Hotplate lamb which tasted abit hot..
but i like it! :)

gif animator
Tear... Dip.. and Eat! :P

Mango Kulfi - its like ice-cream
Sth interesting! :)

Here's my anniverary present from michelle.

She asked me to guess... so i pressed and tried to figure out wad is it.

After opening SO many layers of wrappers...


Its actually something SO small!

So it was an iPod Shuffle...
which would come in useful for my run in Standchart this December.
Sounds pro... but 10km only la... :P

we really enjoyed the dinner!

and purposely dressed up ourselves up like an indian!

and michelle managed to get a punjabi from someone :)

Here again.. Featuring my New iPod Shuffle which would be very convenient even when i go fora jog downstairs. :)
Thanks love...

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