Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Trail Mix Crunch Experience from POST!

POST is one of the Top 3 Best Selling Cereal Brands in U.S.A.

Your favorite Post cereal provides you with an excellent source of whole grain. Its wide variety of flavours are packed with delicious wholesome and nutritious ingredients.

Back packaging of the Raisin & Almond Trail Mix Crunch.
It has a small column on the right downside.. which teaches you
how to eat your Trail Mix Crunch at its Best!

Nutritional Facts about this Raisin & Almond Trail Mix Crunch.


Making the cereal is easy!
Depends on how you want it to be... u can eat it cold with fresh milk OR mix it with fat free milk and microwave it.

1. Simply pour 1/2 a cup of Trail Mix Crunch into a microwaveable bowl
2. Add 1/3 cup of fat free milk into the bowl
3. Microwave it on high 30 secs for a BiG Crunch and 1 min for a little crunch :)

I personally prefer to add chilled full cream milk to my cereal and this is how it looks like above. Looks Yummy! And I'm HUNGRY NOW again!
And Guess what?


It was really nice to have this in the morning!
Its always good to start off the day with a good meal... and this is the One!

Other than Raisin & Almond.. u can also try out the Cranberry Vanilla flavor.
I bet it would taste good too!

Start your day with a delicious combination of tastes and textures in a blend of tasty granola, lightly crunchy nuggets, delicious cranberries and slivered almonds—all with a touch of vanilla flavor!


Why POST Cereal is part of US?

Cos' WE (my Gf n I) brought it to picnic last weekend.. while flying kite at the Marina Barrage! NOT just u eat this in the morning...
u can eat it

I influenced my friend Kelvin & his wife Weiping to try this too!
I bought two Trail Mix Crunch -Raisin & Almond at a price of one which is $5.90 at NTUC Fairprice. Its a promotion. I'd say i'm lucky to catch the promotion and i gave them one packet to try. :)

Look at how Kelvin posed with his new found cereal!
As though he is going to pour everything in to his mouth. LoL~!
Can't wait to unveil its goodness!

Begin your daily adventure with a terrific combination of tastes and textures in a blend of lightly crunchy nuggets, tasty granola, delicious raisins and slivered almonds, and a touch of honey.
(Like some advertisement lor... haha :P)

Last but not least...

I would say its the BEST Cereal that I've tried!


Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Post's Banana Nut Crunch cereal but it was sold-out at the supermarket today and I spotted the Cranberry Vanilla Trail Mix Crunch. It is Good!

Unfortunately Post has stopped producing this :( am gonna stock up while it's still available at the supermarket.

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