Monday, August 23, 2010

Pomeranian Dog Beaten to Death in Seng Kang, Singapore

The paper says if guilty, that culprit will be fined up to $10,000, jailed up to 12 mths

I think he deserves a Death Penalty!


sierra said...

i really really really agree because i have a pomeranian too.

Anonymous said...

Pomeranians are the most annoying dog ever designed. I bet this rat was annoying all of it's neighbors with its squeak like bark and deserved it bludgeoning. I hope he gets away with it. That Pomeranian needed a beat down.

Anonymous said...

u both need killing

xia said...

I don't think so because that I just wrong to kill a innocent animal I am a puppy lover

Anonymous said...

Yeah die Pomeranian die. Haha thats how we get down stomp em, grill em, chop them bitches up with a lawn mower. Lets kill some collies aswell

Anonymous said...

I had a pomeranian that was quiet no matter what,so u should be ashamed of your self Anonymous!AND HAVE RESPECT FOR A LOSS SOUL U MOTHER FUCKER!

Anonymous said...

i dont blame u xia

Anonymous said...

It's just a dog. Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Pomeranians are such nasty annoying dogs. People never train them and worse, give them treats for snapping at people or shitting on the floor. I've had days where i wanted to strangle one of the little bastards. It's not surprise other dogs and humans kills these rotten dogs.

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